Thursday, April 10, 2008

This Is What A Leader Looks Like...

The following is a press release from the Clinton campaign on Bush's Iraq speech today (from


Hillary Clinton Reacts to President Bush’s Address on Iraq

"Today, President Bush delivered yet another address on Iraq - but we’ve heard enough speeches that are long on promises, short on facts.

And the fact is, there will probably be more troops in Iraq after the surge than before the surge. Iraq has barely moved toward political reconciliation, meeting only a few of the benchmarks set out by the Bush Administration at the start of the surge. And violence has once again spiked in Baghdad and Basra.

On Tuesday, I asked General Petraeus when he came before the Senate Armed Services Committee what conditions would mean we should change course, given that the surge has failed to achieve political reconciliation. He did not answer.

Yesterday I called on President Bush to answer the question General Petraeus did not. But the President refuses to face reality.

I want to commend President Bush for agreeing to cut the length of deployments from 15 to 12 months. But it is deeply unfortunate that the President only made this change when the strain he placed on our forces required it.

Now, once again President Bush is asking Americans for time and patience - but the American people are saying he’s had enough of both.

Our troops have done all that’s been asked of them and more. It’s time for the President to answer the question being asked of him: in the wake of the failed surge, what is the endgame in Iraq?

As President, I will do what this president has failed to do: recognize reality and end the war responsibly."

If you did not get a chance to see Senator Clinton at the hearing this week, she was very focused, and on target. She showed, once again, her ability to discuss a complex issue, and ask probing questions, not that those questions were answered, mind you. And, she fulfilled her duties with no campaigning - just doing the work of the people.

As you may have seen in the news, Senator Clinton has also urged President Bush to boycott the Olympics in China due to their human rights violations, especially as they relate to Tibet. She called on both McCain and Obama to join her. After a day of hemming and hawing, should he or shouldn't he, will what he says now affect Chicago's chances of getting the Olympics in 2016, Obama FINALLY acquiesced. This guy is SO terrified of making a decision, it is almost laughable - IF he wasn't running for one of the hardest jobs in the world. Leaders LEAD - they make decisions, they do not dance around the issue. Clinton is a LEADER, and demonstrates that ability daily.

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