Sunday, April 27, 2008

Keith Olbermann Has Gone TOO Far...

By now, you have probably heard the remarks made by Keith Olbermann recently. I know - WHICH ones? Specifically, that a superdelegate should take Hillary Clinton into a room, and only "he" should come out. Yes, that is what he said. There is a call for EVERYONE to write to MSNBC to have them fire Olbermann for his call for violence against Seantor Clinton, because that is what this was. Women already face a tremendous amount of violence in this country on a day to day basis. To have calls for MORE violence to be perpetrated against women on our national news shows is reprehensible. As it is, there are already a number of Obama sites calling for violence against Senator Clinton (perhaps that is why her Terre Haute office was burned down? Just speculation.). So, below is my letter:


I am writing regarding Keith Olbermann's recent remarks regarding Senator Hillary Clinton in which he stated that a superdelegate should take her in a room and only "he" should come out. Olbermann offered a weak explanation, though no apology to Senator Clinton, and claimed that he was using "he" generically (newsflash - he means he. Someone in his position should be aware that language shapes our reality, and using male terms to be generic has long been considered unacceptable). What Olbermann offered was no apology. And I say this as someone who used to be a faithful viewer until he lost all objectivity, as he has done over the past several months. It was not an apology at all.

This incident highlights the lack of objectivity Mr. Olbermann has exhibited, to be sure. But what is even more serious, and egregious, is the hostility and misogyny it reflects. Olbermann essentially called for violence to be done upon a former First Lady, a current Senator, AND a presidential candidate. This is so far beyond the pale as to be bordering on criminal. No, strike that - it IS criminal.

MSNBC has shown itself to be a safe harbor for men who have expressed a number of misogynistic and sexist statements by its hosts, and guest commentators. It is simply unacceptable that it continues to allow these men to have forums to denigrate women, and to even suggest violence. Keith Olbermann should be fired. Now. He has advocated violence against a sitting senator (never mind that he has done a HORRIBLE job in discussing her policies and plans - his bias against her is abundantly clear).

While I am at it, David Shuster should also be fired. Now. His recent appearance in which he gave Tucker Carlson a Hillary Clinton pen and made disparaging remarks demonstrates loud and clear that his calling Hillary Clinton a pimp and her daughter a whore was not aberrant, but how he thinks. Yet MSNBC continues to employ him.

And MSNBC continues to provide airtime for these men to spew their vitriol against not only Senator Clinton, but all women. This is absolutely unacceptable. Ketih Olbermann should be fired IMMEDIATELY. IMMEDIATELY!!!!! NO person should be allowed to have a regular forum in which they not only attack a presidential candidate with reckless abandon, but to ADVOCATE VIOLENCE AGAINST THEM. MSNBC needs to step in NOW, and remove Keith Olbermann from his position. There should be NO place for that level of discourse on a major cable network.

I hope, and pray, you do the right thing.

The Rev. Amy


Mary Ellen said...

I was just trying to catch a bit of Morning Joe this morning and it's all about Reverend Wright. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is they were giving Obama suggestions on how to put this thing with Wright...right. I guess they are saying he should wrap himself in the flag and talk about how much he loves this country. Of course, the Obamabots will just eat it up and be "re-inspired". You know how Obama is, he's a chameleon, and that's all the press needs to swing back to handing him the election.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Iknow - all Wright, all the time. What is UP with that?!?! And how dare he act like it is just everyone ELSE'S problem that he has said such offensive things?! If only we weren't such stupid people, I suppose we would see the wisdom of his words! Yeah, Right.

And yes, SO nice of the media to continue to help him with his campaign! Meanwhile, you have Ken Rudin on CNN comparing Clinton with Glenn Close's charactger in "Fatal Attraction," or a woman writing for the Tennessean referring her to a tick that needs to be plucked off by tweezers by the DNC. Are you freaking kidding me?!??!

And yet, Hillary continues to go strong. And the people continue to support her even though the crappy MSM is doing its damndest to throw this nomination. Along with Dean and Brazile. Don't get me started on that, though...