Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh What a Difference...

A few months make. The following statement was issued from the DNC, with Brazile as the primary name listed. Thanks to Blogger Step Beyond at for highlighting this. And it IS a highlight considering the stand Brazile and Dean have taken (if you have not seen some of her email responses to people wanting every vote counted, walk over to "A Unity of None: Donna Brazile" at Her responses are not only INCREDIBLY unprofessional, but a little bit nuts.).

From the DNC:

Donna Brazile (DNC Voting Rights Institute), Virgie Rollins (DNC Black Caucus), Ramona Martinez (DNC Hispanic Caucus), Bel Leong-Hong (DNC AAPI Caucus), Maria Cordone (DNC Seniors Coordinating Council), and Frank LaMere (DNC Native American Coordinating Council) issued the following joint statement:

"The American people deserve leaders who respect the right of every eligible voter to cast his or her vote and to have that vote counted. The Bush Administration has systematically worked to undermine that right by politicizing essential federal voter protections, downplaying voter suppression tactics, and promoting discriminatory voter ID laws that disenfranchise American voters. The assault on voting rights is easily the most disturbing and inexcusable example of the Bush Administration's unbridled willingness to use the American government for the benefit of narrow partisan interests. The same voters targeted by these Republican efforts, whether Hispanic, African American, AAPI, or Native American, are all among those serving with honor in Iraq and Afghanistan. They shouldn't have to fight for their right to vote when they come home.

"The list of tools that Republicans have used to enhance their electoral prospects at the expense of our right to vote reads like a shameful litany from past eras: restricting access to voter registration, improper attempts to purge voter lists, the use of voting machines that leave no verifiable audit trails, criminal phone jamming schemes, discriminatory voter ID laws, inconsistently administered elections, and now we find out, politicizing the Department of Justice. These Republican schemes are not just undemocratic, they're un-American. The time has come for Republicans to stop playing politics with our fundamental right to vote, and for President Bush, Mitch McConnell, and the Republican Party to apologize to the American people."


FLSilkie said...

Has anyone sent this back to Donna Brazile, yet? I would love to see her get even more flummoxed!! This woman has just gone over the top!

In regards to the paragraph written that lists the Bush administrations tactics for disenfranchising voters: There was mention of the use of the VERY FAULTY touch sense screen voting machines... Well, we all remember the debacle of Florida's voting machines in 2000... FINALLY though, Florida legislatures did get toether a billl to be passed that called to get rid of those machines and be replaced with "mark sense voting machines with paper ballots - to leave a "paper trail". Florida, I think was the first state to actually mandate these voting machines with a bill and it was clearly a very happy day for all legislators - especially the tiny little group of democrats! However.... there was this one little amendment that was tagged onto this one bill (actually there were several other amendments), but this one was definitely drawn up by the Republicans, and guess what it was??? You got it! It was the presidential primary voting date change! So all Dean and Brazille could focus on was the fact that Florida "broke the rules" and MUST BE PUNISHED... They didn't notice that the bill that they themselves were championing had been passed.

Quite frankly my friend and I feel that Dean and Brazille's continued lamenting about breaking the rules is lame; we have often wondered what the real motives of their actions are...

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comments!

People were talking abt sending those comments back to Brazile, but they didn't think she would get the glaring hypocrisy.

The responses she has sent back to people have been WAY over the top, completely disproportionated to what was sent TO her. So, yeah - I DEFINITELY think she and Dean have an agenda - to shove Obama down our throats as the nominee!

As for FL, it is incredible to me that Brazile went for the nuclear option to remove ALL delegates, despite the DNC rules to seat 50% as a punishment. And, the DISPARATE treatment of FL compared to NH, SC, and one other state, is further proof that something is afoot...