Monday, April 21, 2008

Update to Walking Into A Room...

I just saw over on that Hillary Clinton will be on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight. Are you KIDDING me?!?!?! She is going to go talk to the man who did a Special Comment against her, who has been an incredibly biased cheerleader for Barack Obama, who has said TERRIBLE things bout Senator Clinton. Yep - she is going to go fact to face with someone who has been an arrogant, sexist, juvenile, mean-spirited, jerk. Wow, this woman is simply AMAZING!!! Again, though - isn't this JUST the kind of person you WANT as a president? Someone who is WILLING to engage with a person who has actively spread numerous falsehoods about her, who has been attacking her for MONTHS? Oh, hell to the yes, this is EXACTLY who I want as my president. The person who is able to be courageous, who is able to not allow negativity to distract her, who is willing to answer the hard questions (again, without whining - that's directed at YOU, Barry). Wow. This woman is freakin' FEARLESS!!! (And this can ONLY help her in PA tomorrow...)

Oh, crap - now I have to violate my No MSNBO watching!!!! Oh, well - small price to pay to see her deal with Keith. This should be FUN!!!!


Mary Ellen said...

I heard about this over at Taylor's blog. I can tell you right now what he will say:

"What about this lapse of memory you had regarding Bosnia?"

"Will you admit that you called the grassroots organizers of the party, in particular, a bunch of thugs?"

"Don't you feel you're hurting the party by staying in this race, when it's sooo obvious that you cannot win?"

"Do you think BO will be a good president?"

"Have you told your husband not to make any more racist remarks as he did in South Carolina?"

"Why won't you let Chelsea talk about her dad's affair with Monica Lewinsky?"

"When Obama is campaigning on hope and change, how do you answer to that when you have engaged in such negative campaign tactics?"

"You say you would walk out of a church if a pastor made strong remarks (KO would never admit that Wright made racist and anti-American comments).

Oh...and if Hillary is smart, she'll wear a flag pin, otherwise he'll ask her why she called Obama on his flag pin (which she didn't) and she doesn't wear one.

I can almost hear the interview now. The bad thing is, Hillary has too much class to go after him on these types of questions. She'll just smile and try to give an answer while he continually disrupts her.

Oh, and watch for the sound byte he is looking for to boost will be obvious.

After the interview, he will rip her to shreds behind her back. That the KO way.

Sorry for the long rant...I'm really stressing.

Hillary will be on Larry King, too. He won't be as bad as KO, though. He's usually pretty nice to his guests.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey there -

No doubt Keith will try and trip her up one way or another, but he will make it more convoluted and twisted - kinda like his hero, Obama. I doubt he will be able to say clear questions directly to her FACE - that would take too much integrity on his part!!! But I agree, he will probably try and boost Obama however he can at Clinton's expense. But I hope he DOES ask her questions abt staying in the race - it will give her the opportunity to remind KO that we live in a DEMOCRACY, and voters COUNT!!! Hopefully, it will give HER a chance to bring up MI and FL, abt which people have said blesed little these days in their Hail, Obama counts. I mean, really - what the hell happened to those 2.5 million people?!?! And, if he brings up HER being negative, she can just ask him when/how she has been, compared to the mailers and ads Obama has been doing?! I would LOVE to see one of these people ACTUALLY try to answer that! Talking abt the differences in their records doesn't count - that's what constitutes a campaign, IMHO.

And I also agree that she will handle it with grace and style, as is her wont. She is one classy woman - Keith (and Rachel, for that matter) could take a lesson from her!

You know I used to love KO - really. I DVRed him every night. Now, he reminds me of his nemesis. Bill O'. They are two sides of the same coin!

And yeah, Larry King is pretty much a puff interview for her, I would think. It just gives her the opportunity to show how three dimensional SHE is, compared to her opponent.

Oh yeah - how frikkin' classless IS it to ask Chelsea abt her father's affair?!?!? I mean, REALLY!!! What is WRONG with people?!?! Sheesh.

Anyway, I do understand your concern. I am feeling pretty good today abt her - and abt her chances. I think she will win PA, no problem. And I think the fact that he has outspent her by a gazillion dollars should prove, once and for ALL, that HE CANNOT WIN THE STATES DEMS NEED TO WIN!!! It's all abt the framing, ya know??

Mary Ellen said...

Hi Amy-

I've had such a freakin' shitty day it isn't funny. That's why I put my blog on hiatus. As much as I would like to continue to write, I'm tired of pouring my heart and soul into the blog and then getting asinine e-mails from people who used to be friendly, but since this race-the Obama supporters have been sending me horrible e-mails.

Yesterday, I go one that said the quality of my blog has taken a nose dive and that I was shrill.

Today I got one where I was called "bitter" four different times in one e-mail and then again in another. Along with that, I was called a bunch of other stuff. Then he signs off saying how much he respects me and wants to stay friends! WTF!!! (pardon my french). Then he sent another e-mail, startd out with an insult and then made excuses for all the other stuff he said, and then said he respected me and wanted to remain friends and it's such a shame that *I* have chosen to end a friendship because of this race. Me! This guy starts this fight and then lays it in my lap!

Oh..add that to another "friend" who called me angry and spiteful because I won't vote for Obama in the general election.

Between all of that, I can count about 15 regular bloggers who won't come to my blog because I support Hillary. They've made it very clear that I go to their blog and defend Hillary, they will not respond. Freeze out.

That's what Mr.Unity has done to this party.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Mary Ellen -

Oh, dear - I was afraid it was something like that. I am truly sorry that people are taking out their own fears and insecurities on you - goddess knows, you don't deserve that.

Just in case you NEED any validation, you are not shrill, nor do you come off as bitter. Since when is it either to disagree with someone over a PERSONAL choice??

I might add that the guy you mentioned was being INCREDIBLY passive/aggressive - WTF indeed!!! (No need to worry abt language with me, btw!) He attacks you, then wants you to be nice to him?? Isn't this EXACTLY what Obama is doing?? He attacks Hillary, treats her like CRAP, attacks her supporters, calls us a bunch of racists, then expects to get our votes?? You gotta be KIDDING me!! I swear - it seems kind of abusive to me, insofar as abusers always blame the person whom they are abusing, AND expert them to just let it all go and come back to them. Know what I mean? It goes along with Obama's whole bullying thing (and the Frat Boys who support him, like Obamamann, Matthews, et al). Yeah, so like I said - this guy treats you like dirt, then expects you to be OKAY with that?? On what planet are these people living anyway???

Well, I am really sorry - I am sorry that these people are being so nasty to you, and silencing you. I have never seen anything like this before, and I sure hope I never see it again. But in the meantime, I look forward to our continued dialogue, and I look forward to your new blog.

Hang in there, Mary Ellen...

Mary Ellen said...

Thanks Amy- What really kills me about this whole thing is that I have spent a lot of time visiting their blogs. And this guy who said all this stuff, I used to promote his videos and was one of the few people that commented on his blog. Now,it's like the Obamabots have formed some kind of alliance.

I doubt if I'm going to stick with the other blog. I don't have the energy to network out and get the numbers up. I think this is pretty much it. I'm going to spend my time visiting blogs like yours and Taylor Marsh's. There are a few blogs on my blogroll that have really nice people, all Hillary supporters, some from the gay community. They all know that I'm very supportive of the gay community.

I can't tell you how I I've been blackballed, I guess.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME -

I was just over at TM myself seeing what people were saying abt Hillary on KO - nice to see you over there! And I KNEW she'd do well - how could she not??

I can only imagine how painful this has been for you, especially since you had were so supportive of them! Wow. That is just sad. I mean, really - I do think there is a difference between people wanting to talk with people who fell similarly, like Clinton people, because we get attacked elsewhere, and the ones who do the attacking. They really do seem blinded by Obama, or the idea of him, whatever the hell it is. I am just sorry you got caught in the crossfire. Sigh.

Hey, the woman who did the video I uploaded today, and another one I did recently on Hillary's accomplishments, also has a blog. It is: She has some interesting posts over there.

Well, you are always welcome over here, and feel free to write as much as you want, okay?

Tomorrow will be a GOOD day! No matter HOW KO wants to frame it! :-)