Sunday, April 20, 2008

Obama's At It Again

He is sending out mailers on Clinton and NAFTA, as well as resurrecting his Haay and Louise mailers on health care. He is also running these false ads on tv and radio. Just how is it that the press has continued to allow this man to claim he is running a positive campaign?? Wow - can you just imagine how different things would be right now if they actually did their JOBS?? Yeah. Right, well nothing could be further from the truth with Obama and his "positive campaign." Bill Clinton set the record straight in this piece from ABCNews (and thanks to TalkLeft for pointing this out):

Bill Clinton Says Criticisms of Hillary's Healthcare Plan are 'Bull'
April 19, 2008 9:20 PM

ABC News' Sarah Amos reports: Former President Bill Clinton continued on the campaign trail today, with time quickly ticking away before Pennsylvania’s presidential primary on Tuesday.

Clinton started the day completely focused on his wife’s policies. But by as the day wore on Clinton found himself in Waynesburg, Pa., where he couldn’t help but mention the latest round of ads put out today by Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign.

"I just got a briefing before I came in here on all the radio ads and mailings that Sen. Obama’s sending out in this, uh, positive campaign," said Clinton with a sarcastic chuckle. "And um, I want to tell you what I think this election is really about, what it is really about. It is about your future. And the only relevant choice is who would do the best job at helping you realize that future."

The new television ads, which deal with Sen. Clinton’s plan for healthcare in America, were clearly on the former president's mind throughout the day. While discussing his wife’s plan at an earlier event in Hermitage, he took offense with what he says are false claims by the Obama campaign.

"Hillary's being subject to a television ad that has been roundly criticized in the form of mass mailings all across this country saying she's trying to make you buy insurance you can't afford and you're gonna be fined and all that. It isn't true. It is not true," he said. "Every expert who has looked at this says if you provide the subsidies and you cap somebody's income, everybody'll be able to afford it, it'll be cheaper than anything you're buying now if you buying it. But I'm just telling you, we won't get control of cost unless we cover everybody. Doing the morally right thing is the economically essential thing. If you agree with that, if you agree with that, you have only one choice left with the three candidates for president. You got to vote for Hillary for president, she'll fix this problem."

Later, in Beaver Falls the former president had one word to describe the arguments being leveled against Sen. Clinton’s healthcare plan –- "bull."

"And, you know, you may hear some more about it before Tuesday. 'Oh, it's the end of the world. Oh, you're gonna be forced to buy health care you can't afford.' That's bull. The only way you can afford it over the long run is that everyone is covered. Every other country knows this," Clinton told the crowd.

Not one to shy away from a full days worth of events, Clinton managed to hit up both sides of the state today, starting his day in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and ending his day four events later at Waynesburg University.

The former president had quite a bit of company on the road though, bringing along a variety of Hillary Clinton surrogates, including Former Iowa Gov. (and Western Pennsylvania native) Tom Vilsack.


Mary Ellen said...

Sorry it took me so long to get here, busy weekend!

I was feeling really good about Obama's chances until I read a bunch of polls at another site (supposedly this guy is undecided, but I think he's pro-O). Anyway, the list was long and most of them only had Hillary up by about 5 or 6%, and some of them only by 1 or 2%. I hope he's wrong. I'm really worried about PA. If she doesn't win by double digits, she will be crucified in the media, even though Obama has been spending almost 4 times more than her on ads...misleading ads. I just don't know what to think. I'm hoping for the type of win she had in Ohio, but feeling less confident than I was a week ago.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey there, ME!

Good to hear from you - I did drop by your site and enjoyed the back-and-forth quips - some very fuuny people out there!! :-)

SUSA seems to be the best poll out there. Some folks were talking abt the new Zogby poll, and him having Clinton up. Zogby has been off BADLY this season, and he is a big Obama person (his brother is a S-D, and is in Obama's camp). So, who knows - if he is showing her up, maybe that means she will blow Obama out of the water??

I think it is very teling indeed that Obama KEEPS outspending her by a TON, but her message still gets through. While I often wonder how people cannot see through people like Bush and Obama, I have to hope that they are seeing his negative ads, and hearing him say he doesn't run them, thus seeing him for who he really is. A snake in the grass who will change with the wind whichever way it is blowing. I would hope people have heard about these mailers already, and know them to be false.

You know, there seems to be such a difference sense abt the people who support each one of the Dem candidates. With Clinton, people genuinely seem to love her, despite what the MSM and Right-wingers say. Speaking for me only, I know it is because she IS such a brilliant woman, with a firm grasp on the issues facing our country, with real solutions to real problems. And she's funny, which is a total bonus. With Obama, they seem to be caught up in an idea of a candidate, I mean, like a CONCEPT more than an actual person. I say this because consistently, they do not take into account actual FACTS and history abt him, just go on and on abt how different he is, blah, blah, blah - all of thats crap rhetoric.

All of that is to say, Mary Ellen, I just have to HOPE that some people are finally starting to see that the reality of who Obama is does NOT match the rhetoric of who Obama is. Meanwhile, Clinton keeps going on, saying what she's been saying, and being pretty consistent. If people are paying attention, they will see the real differences, and vote accordingly.

Hope you had a good weekend!!