Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh, Where Do I Begin??

I scarecely know. There has been no shortage of crapola happening this weekend. I must start with Tom Daschle, former senator from SD. He was on the Sunday Fox morning show, along with Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadeplphia. Not only did he call Mayor Nutter "Mayor Nutty," but he patronizingly lectured him about how maybe he should walk his own streets and go to his own ER rooms to see how people were REALLY doing. This was all an attempt to PROVE that the elitist and arrogant statements by Barry in San Francisco last weekend were ALL true, hence NO need for Barry to apologise for them, nosirree!!! Anywho - so Tom, Mr. Republican Lite who sided with Bush on abso-freakin'-lutely EVERYTHING before his constituents threw him out was lecturing a VERY popular mayor of a city that is over TWICE THE SIZE OF DASCHLE'S ENTIRE STATE!!!!!!!!! I admit - I was pretty darn surprised when Daschle emerged as one of Obama's kingmakers, given the disgrace with which he exited the national stage. But not only did he attack Nutter, he went on to tear down Clinton, actually, BOTH Clintons. I hasten to add that Mayor Nutter was a TOTAL class act in responding to the ridiculous argumments from that tool, Daschle (nod to you, M-E!). Don't take my word for it, I'll post the video for it. (Ref. POST 1)

Then, there was Obama's attack on Clinton yesterday, claiming here was a Democrat ATTACKING another Democrat, and isn't that the REEPUBLICANS' job?? And just HOW was she attacking him? By saying what all the rest of thinking people know - Obama's remarks in San Francisco were ELITIST and DEROGATORY!! Heaven forFEND that she should actually challenge him on something HE SAYS!!!! He says, repeatedly, "Shame on her! Shame on her!" Shame on HER? Shame on YOU, Obama!!! For your lying, conniving, right-wing talking point ways! Shame on YOU! Ahem. So, he went on to attack HER (for real), and calling her Annie Oakley (could do a whole lot worse in MY book, I might add! Oakley was QUITE a strong woman, and quite accomplished.). He was pretty schmucky in THAT video, too, which I will also post. (Ref. Post 2)

And then there was the whole Faith Forum thing last night. Not only was Campbell Brown one of the co-hosts, but she was particularly aggressive to Clinton. She kept pushing her to give an example of just WHEN Clinton felt the Holy Spirit around her. Clinton very deftly said that there were numerous experiences she had had, but it would cheapen their importance to enumerate them, though she was much more eloquent about it. And nicer. Never mind that I have a REAL problem with this whole concept in the FIRST place - SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IS CRITICAL!!! What the HELL are they doing grilling Clinton about her FAITH?? You know, there was a time, and Clinton is certainly of this generation, in which people did not TALK about their faith experiences because they are PRIVATE! And politicians CERTAINLY should not be made to talk about their faith experiences UNLESS they volunteer it by way of making a point. Like, "I do work for poor people because I am called by my faith to do so." Enough said! Clinton did handle herself well, though, as one might expect.

Obama, not so much. But he also got a whole bunch of softball questions, said he would support ABSTINENCE programs WHICH DO NOT WORK, would continue to fund FAITH BASED INITIATIVES, praised BUSH AGAIN, and said he would WORK WITH CREATIONISTS!!! Are you KIDDING ME??!?! What the hell is the matter with him?? You know, sometimes you HAVE to take a stand, and Creationism is BOGUS!!!!!! No educated person can give real credence to Creationism. Yet, that is exactly what Ol' Barry did - yep - he will work with them if, "God sees it in his plan to put Barry in the White House," or something along those lines. And I am not kidding - that is what he said. Creationism is an anti-educational perspective because it takes NOTHING into account, like history, culture, sociology, biblical criticism, OR context!! It is ridiculous!!! But, hey - since Barack was in front of a group of people at a religious school, he was all too ready to say whatever they wanted him to say. He couldn't bring himself to utter that a "woman has the right to choose," but he would embrace abstinence first programs and consult with Creationists. Holy COW.

AND PROGRESSIVES ARE SUPPORTING HIM!!!!!!! And, they are rationalizing away his comments while ATTACKING Clinton, as if SHE was the one who uttered such insensitive, haughty words. What a joke. They simply refuse to actually LOOK at his record, what he has said, the lies he has told (his entire first book is FILLED with them), his record, or lack thereof. They have ordained him as being "Cool," and that is all that matters. What an American Idol generation we have. Where are the people who really CARE about these issues? Oh, wait - I know - in HILLARY's camp!

And everytime they do this crap, Daschle, Obama, his supporters, it just makes me go to her website and give her money. So, I'm off to do that RIGHT now.


Uppity Woman said...

If you are not a feminist, you are not a progressive.

If you do not support gay rights at ALL levels, you are not a progressive.

These people are not progressives. They are the off the cliff fascist mirror of the Social Conservatives.

And they can kiss my feminist ass.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

AMEN!! I couldn't have said it better myself!!!