Saturday, April 5, 2008

He Went And Did It...

I really hate to even have to write this, after publishing that BEAUTIFUL speech by Hillary Clinton on the anniversary of MLK, Jr's death. Really. And I guess I shouldn't be surprised by it - I think we all knew it was coming. Unlike Obama coming to Memphis yesterday for the ceremony to honor King. Nope - couldn't fit it into his schedule. Like he couldn't fit going to the Black State of the Union. Hillary did, by the way, on both counts - oh, yes she did. Because she has been working on these issues for YEARS now, and genuinely cares about them, not just when she is running for office. But Obama? The man who claimed Selma brought his parents together even though he was born FOUR YEARS BEFORE THE MARCH? No - couldn't make it! Sorry!

OK - so, what am I talking about then? Michigan. I just went to, and Jeralyn had a very good article regarding Michigan (which I commend to you), including an email from the Obama campaign. Sure enough Obama has now sent out an email saying that he thinks it would be FAIR to get 50% of the Michigan delegates. FIFTY PERCENT!!! HALF OF THE VOTES!!!! He did not GET half of the votes!!! In fact, he got NO votes, because he CHOOSE TO TAKE HIS NAME OFF OF THE BALLOT!!!!! He would be disenfranchising people who actually voted for Clinton, not to mention the other three candidates on the ballot. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH THIS GUY???? How dare he think he can STEAL Clinton's votes, for that is EXACTLY what he would be doing, as well as everyone else's This guy's sense of entitlement is off the charts. I mean, seriously. He has just disenfranchised even more than the Michigan voters - he has disenfranchised people who don't like cheaters, because that is EXACTLY what he is. A cheater, and a thief. Oh, this man will never, never, never get my vote. Never. Have I made that clear? NEVER!!!!

I continue to marvel at the level of support he keeps getting within the DNC. The same party that DEMANDED evey vote be counted in Florida in 2000 is now supporting someone who doesn't want to include the voters of Florida, and wants to steal votes he didn't get. What the hell has happened to the Party that HE is the one whom they support?? This man will say anything, do anything, and take anything to get what he wants. Sounds just like Bush to me. I feel like I have fallen into the Twilight Zone, and Rod Serling is going to come out at any moment...If only - then all of this wouldn't be TRUE, and sadly, it is.

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