Sunday, April 6, 2008

Already Cranky...

So, I was reading the Sunday paper today, and there is a HUGE article on how Clinton is viewed as dishonest by the majority (53%) of people polled. It had quotes from the pollster John Zogby, and David Plouffe, that snake in the grass who Obama campaign manager, all piling on how dishonest Clinton is. Naturally, it brought up the whole Bosnia thing failing to mention, of course, that they HAD been warned of possible sniper fire, and that it WAS a war zone. Yep - it just went on and on and on. No mention WHATSOEVER of ANY of Obama's lies: his nuclear energy legislation that was little more than a suggestion; his recent claim on the View that Rev. Jeremiah Wright had APOLOGIZED for upsetting people, not to mention the convoluted manner in which he excused his staying in that church with the vitriol being preached there, acting as if he had NEVER heard ANY of that, even though he later had to admit that yes, yes he WAS there when Wright went off; how the March on Selma inspired his parents, and thus his birth even though he was born FOUR YEARS before the march; his constant revisionism of his Iraq war stance, or ANY issue, for that matter, on which he is pressed (I saw a GREAT acronym on No Quarter yesterday - WORM - What Obama Really Meant). I have detailed more in other posts the falsehoods on which this man has been caught. But, NOT ONE of those instances was raised by this McClatchy article, not one. Oh - the article facing this attack on Clinton was a big article on McCain. There was NOTHING about Obama's attempt at vote-stealing from MI. There was NOTHING about him asking a Hillary supporter if he gave her a kiss, would she vote for him. Or how he was calling women "sweetie" while touring a plant in PA. He will lie, cheat, and steal to get what he wants - this nomination, and he is being assited in EVERY way by the media, both print and television.

And that reminds me - Leonard Pitts, Jr., the columnst, wrote a really nice piece on Martin Luther King, Jr., and had a good bit about Robert Kennedy's speech after King was shot. It was moving, especially as he detailed Kennedy's mention of having someone in his family get killed, an event of which he rarely, if ever, spoke publicly. Then, most gratuitously, he claimed that many compare OBAMA to Robert Kennedy. Yes, he did. With NO mention that ALL THREE of Robert Kennedy's children have ENDORSED CLINTON!!!! He just tossed it in there after the emotionally stirring words of Robert Kennedy. It was just plain disingenuous.

I guess Lou Dobbs needs to do NIGHTLY shows on the bias of the media against Hillary. I know the Post and Courier has been doing its part to continue the Obama love-fest and Clinton tear-down. Anyway, I don't know if Dobbs mentioning it will change a thing - so far it hasn't - but at least it would be ONE voice pointing out the disparity.

OK - I think my blood pressure has come down a little bit now. Go donate to Hillary. Let her hear from you. Send her some love.

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