Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HRC - As In Human Rights Campaign

Last night, I got a call from the HRC to do a fairly long and extensive survey. As part of the survey, they asked abt the presidential candidates. But there seemed to be some bias in the way the survey was structured. I, personally, have been waiting and waiting for their endorsement - as I have posted here before, there is an excellent video out of Hillary Clinton speaking to the HRC, and the praise she gets from the curent president, Joe Salmonese. But nothing. At least not yet. Anyway, back to the survey. I was frustrated by the way the survey questions were structured, so I wrote the following to the HRC. If I get a response,I'll let you know. Here it is:

Dear HRC:

I just spent over 15 minutes responding to an HRC sanctioned survey. As part of the survey, I was asked between McCain and Obama, who would I support (neither is the response). Same question for McCain and Clinton (most definitely, Clinton). The survey went on to ask more detailed questions about Obama and his GLBT support, and McCain and his GLBT support. Yet, there were NO more questions asked about Hillary Clinton. I would REALLY like to know why. When I asked the surveyor, he claimed he could give me no infomration about who was conducting the survey, but assured me it WAS through HRC.

So, my question, again, is WHY there were not more questions about Senator Clinton? She has been honored by the HRC; she has been a long-time friend of the GLBT community; and has made several policy announcements recently in support of the GLBT community, to name a few. Contrast that to Obama not allowing Gavin Newsome to have a photo taken with him after asking him to throw a fundraiser for him; his relationship with DOnnie McClurkin; and his relationship with The Rev. James Meeks, among others.

All of that is to say, the survey seemed a bit skewed.

My partner and I are LONG time members of HRC, which is why this concerns me so. It is way past time for HRC to have made an endorsement, and in my opinion, there is only one candidate who will be best for the LGBT community, and her initials just happen to be HRC.

Thank you for your kind attention to this concern.

The Rev. Amy

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