Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Holy Toledo, or Should I Say, PHILADELPHIA!

I am reprinting the following from NoQuarterUSA.net in its entirety. This is just shocking - sure would be nice if the MEDIA and the DNC exposed any of this!! Anyway, here it is:

Obama Thugs Force Mayor Nutter to Shut Down his E-mail Server
By Fleaflickerclose

As I wrote yesterday, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter’s office was flooded with angry calls from Obama supporters after he came out in support of Hillary. Some people doubted my statements but those that bothered to call Mayor Nutter’s office confirmed everything that was written. But, as Hyper Educated Uppity Woman reports (all quotations are from Hyper Educated Uppity Woman, the rest is from Fleaflicker), his e-mail server was overwhelmed and had to be taken down.

I’ll let her describe the well deserved contempt so many of us have.

"As part of NoQuarter’s encouragement campaign, many readers emailed Mayor Nutter in support of his courage under harrassment. His email was returned by Mailer Daemon. The poor guy had to shut down his email address, so you can just imagine how badly he was harrassed by these savages. My God, these people are fear mongers and race baiters. What’s next? Coming to your home and beating the crap out of you? Lining us up and shooting us dead until there are no more Hillary voters left?"

We all know how passionate those Obama cultists can be. And they have the Obamedia wrapped around their scrawny little fingers. So we cannot back down, however often they threaten us. We represent the heart and soul of the Democratic party. They represent the far left wing radical wing of the Democratic party. Yet they are so determined to take over the party that they aren’t afraid to destroy the party if they can’t.

This is the time to come together and gather up whatever hidden strength you have. Because the next few months are going to be a tough battle. Expect the worst and prepare to fight back with everything you have.

"I give Hillary Clinton a lot of credit for doing the right thing during all this fear-mongering. She is surrounded by party cowards who have even helped Obama blame her every time he is in trouble. Reverend Wright is even her fault. This is downright surreal!"

My personal thanks to Hyper Educated Uppity Woman. And an extended thanks from everyone at No Quarter. Let her example be a guiding light for the battle onward.

As she says so eloquently:

"Give me the “Politics of the Past” any day of the week. At least I felt safe. Barack Obama is like a frightful nightmare upon America. I’m even afraid to publish this post. Where did America go? I thought George Bush was frightening. He is comfort next to the fear being generated right now.


For more information on Mayor Michael Nutter please visit:

(with phone number for Mayor Nutter + his e-mail address, which no longer works)

(with the story of his endorsement and a video of Mayor Nutter)


Anonymous said...

My personal thanks to you as well! And it is a pleasure to meet you.


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

And you, too! I have really enjoyed reading your comments at NoQuarterUSA.net.

This story is so disturbing - and I thank you for bringing it to light. Your ability to get through to Mayor Nutter and let him know that MANY of us support him means a lot, and says a lot about YOU!! Thanks for coming by!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I mean to his office...

Anonymous said...

Stop by my blog any time. No Quarter picks up some of my writings, what a kick! I love that place.

If you think this story is disturbing, there are more on my blog. I'll probably get my house blown up over the most recent one. I love living on the edge!