Thursday, April 24, 2008


OK - I saw videos of all of Clinton's morning performances yesterday after her FANTASTIC win. She was great, as always. But in EVERY single interview, they asked her about her "negative" campaigning. I kept yelling at the tv, "HER negative campaigning?!?! Are you freakin' KIDDING me?!?!" SHE is not the one who sent out mailers with false information on Obama's NAFTA position, as he did to her. SHE did not send out false mailers on her Universal Health Care plan, like Obama did to her. She did not attack him personally, or impugn his character, HE did that to HER! As she said over and over (like I said, I watched all of the videos), this campaign has been TAME in comparison to other campaigns, and pointing out the very real differences between the candidates, their records, and their policies, is NOT going negative!!! Has the definition for "negative" CHANGED?? Apparently so - now it means any time any one has the audacity to question any THING or any ONE in any way, shape, or form, related to His Highness. Yeah. Right.

So, here's the thing. If this cream puff can't take these kinds of distinctions being made by his same Party opponent, how in the WORLD can he be the leader of the Free World?!?! I mean, SERIOUSLY!!! If he cannot even participate in the NC debate because he is such a big baby and doesn't want to have to answer direct questions, HOW HE CAN HE ENGAGE REPUBLICAN OR EVEN WORLD LEADERS?!?! This is the hardest job in the WORLD, and Obama cannot take even a hint of criticism on his record (like how he was too damn busy campaigning to ever hold a meeting of the Subcommittee on European Affairs), or his associates, or his policies, he should not be RUNNING!

And the SuperD's need to really LOOK at this tremendous lack on his part as they make their decisions. As well as look at who is winning the states we need to win to take back the White House, and that AIN'T Obama!! Just sayin'!!!

Clinton was masterful in her interviews yesterday, and made the point over and over that SHE is the only one who can beat McCain; she is the ONLY one who can win the states that need winning; and made the point (along with some of her interviewers, especially Joe Scarborough) that to win a contest in which one's opponent is outspending one 3-4 to 1 by DOUBLE DIGITS is unprecendented!! And it speaks volumes - Hillary Clinton is THE one to lead this country! She is the one we NEED to run this country. Let's do what we can to get her there!

***At NoQuarter yesterday, SusanUnPC had a link to, a rapid response team to address false information. You can go sign up for alerts, if you wish! ***


Mary Ellen said...

I wish Hillary would fight back when she is asked about "her" negative campaign. Of course, if she tells them they are wrong, they say she's "going negative"! She can't win that argument. You see, when Obama has negative ads or negative mailers, he's just "getting tough". Only Hillary "goes negative".

I do wish that she would tell them that their figures they are giving about that poll is wrong. I think Hillary's Fact Hub shows the real numbers.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I know - she really is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. She did say, over and over, that people were voting for her as a POSITIVE thing - that they thought she would be the best one to fight for them and all that.

It just kills me, though, that Obama has essentially been allowed to frame what is negative and what is not - what he doesn't isn't at all, of course...

And I was thinking too abt how all these young people are supporting Obama more as someone on a pedestal rather than the relational way people seem to see Hillary. We really feel that Hillary will do her very best to do what is best for us. We feel like she cares about US. And I think she does (I have a story abt that, too - I was just told it today, and will blog it tomorrow).

Obama is being glorified despite his record, or lack thereof, or his abilities, or lack thereof. It makes me think abt how so many of the elected officials say their kids convinced them to support Obama. Really? People whose abilities to make decisions are not even physiologically set yet are telling you what to do? People who have not been taught analytic thought are telling you for whom you should be voting?? This isn't freakin' American Idol, after all - this is a tad more important than who they think ius the hip new guy. I mean, seriously!!! Sheesh!