Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Washington Journal...

So, I turned on C-Span this morning, and people were just hammering Clinton on the Bosnia thing. There was a professor from Temple who just sat there and said NOTHING about the circumstances surrounding Clinton's trip. He just kept saying crap like, "Well, yes - Senator Clinton's honesty is a problem. When there are little differences between the candidates, people really look at their honesty. People want their leaders to be honest." Or something very close to that. (And oh, yeah - Bush has been SO freakin' honest!! Yeah. Right.) I felt compelled to send them the following letter:

Dear Washington Journal:

About Clinton, Bosnia, and honesty: she has said a number of times, along with the president of BOSNIA, that it WAS a war zone into which she was flying. They had Apache helicopters protecting them, and they WERE worried about sniper fire! Yes, she exaggerated from the original story - and she has APOLOGIZED for that! Enough already!

And Obama gets asked semi-tough questions ONE time, and everyone freaks out. How about HIS honesty? He LIED when he said his handwriting wasn't on the questionnaire regarding his position on guns - has a copy of it WITH his handwriting on it! He has lied about being in TUCC when Wright was going on on his diatribes - NO ONE has been pushing hard on THAT! He has LIED about his relationship with Rezko, as we are finding out more and more (not that the national media is bothering to cover it much). He has misled about his childhood, his father, and other associations. He has LIED about the legislation he has introduced and their outcomes. He ATTACKED Clinton when HE was pressed on his LONG time association with friend and contributor,and lied about, William Ayers, about her husband pardoning two of the Weathermen. First of all, SHE was not the one who did it. Second of all, UNLIKE Ayers, they had actually spent time in PRISON. Ayers has walked free. EVERY time Obama is pushed on his poor judgment, or his questionable associates, he gets mad, and attacks Clinton. Where's the outrage THERE? He has been allowed to get away with far, far more than ANY other candidate since George Bush.

For once, he was asked slightly harder questions than usual - and got a glimpse into how Clinton is treated ALL OF THE TIME by the media. He couldn't take it. How in the WORLD can he run a country when he can't even handle Charles and George?!?! (The bias against Clinton in the media has been demonstrated, by the way. Lou Dobbs has actually spoken out about it. And I have been disappointed to see that C-Span has engaged in that bias as well. The lack of true journalism in this country is shocking. The spin by the MSM to support one candidate over another, just like in 2000 and 2004, is reprehensible. It is far past time for Obama to be vetted, and last night was just a tiny bit of that.)

Clinton won the debate last night HANDS DOWN. She knows policy, she can affect change, and she has the right vision for this country. Obama stammers, hems and haws, and throws out generalities and cliches. We've already had 7 yrs of a president like that. Personally, I want the president who CAN affect change, CAN speak extemporaneously, and CAN think on her feet. Clearly, that is Senator Clinton.

Thank you for your time.

The Rev. Amy


Mary Ellen said...

Great letter! Yes, I'm getting so sick and tired of watching the media sanitize Barack Obama. After the debate last night they all started out talking about how poorly Obama did. By morning they are saying he won the debate! WTF?????

Remember when Bill Clinton was getting hammered for his statement about Monica Lewinski? The "I never had sex with that woman" thing? The right wing (and some of our own Democrats) said, "If he would just tell the truth we can leave this behind". Where did that get him? After he finally told the truth, they impeached him! The Obama supporters are going to keep hammering her and I wish she would say, "Let's talk about the truth" and then let Obama have it square between the eyes with all his lies on the campaign trail. Do it on an interview. Hell, she should do it on Colbert!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, wouldn't that be AWESOME if she does that on Colbert??

No kidding - the woman said she was sorry abt Bosnia, was embarrassed by it, and basically said her mouth got ahead of her brain, but she DID fly into a war zone, dammit!! NO ONE ever wants to acknowledge that. Makes me nuts.

Well, here on crappy AOL, the polls show that CLINTON won, and that people think she will win PA. AOL is pretty conservative, it seems to me, so if that is what is coming out on it, I think that is GREAT!!

The undecided voters were pretty clear, too, that they thought Clinton won. I don't know how any rational person didn't see that - I guess that's why Rachel, and Keith, and Stepanie, and all those folks were blowing a gasket. They KNOW Obama tanked...

And thanks for the compliment!