Saturday, April 12, 2008


This video of Hillary's long-standing support of the LGBT comunity stands in stark contrast to Obama's lame responses in the Advocate article. Forget about Obama - this is a good video, though the beginning is painful...Still, it really encompasses why we love Hillary!!


Mary Ellen said...

Good morning, Amy. Ya know, I believe there are very few people who realize how much Hillary has fought for in this country regarding human rights and civil rights. How ANY woman could support Obama is beyond me. Obama is so wrapped up in his Trinity Church that he could never even think of giving equal rights to the LGBT community. Sure, he gives an occasional word here and there in a speech, but I have to wonder if he has given his mentor, the not so Reverend Wright, the heads up and told him he has to say those things...don't worry, just campaign rhetoric.

Honestly Amy, I am so worried that Obama is going to be the nominee. I keep trying to put that thought out of my head, but it's such a nightmare to me.

Last night I felt bad because I know I offended some of my longtime bloggers who have become Obama supporters. I put up a post trying to lighten up the mood of the previous post which seemed to really tick off one of them. I didn't cave...made it clear that I would continue writing about Hillary and Obama, and I still would never vote for Obama. I hope this will finally get this idea that Hillary supporters who won't vote Obama is not the reason our Democratic party has failed.

Great video...loved the picture of the Rainbow flag Iwo Jimi style. Hillary is amazing, simply amazing.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Good Morning, Mary Ellen!

I know - Clinton's speech in Beijing was so moving - and she has been doing this for YEARS. She IS committed to human rights, not just because she is a politician, either. ANd yes - she is far more committed to securing equal rights for the LGBT community than Obama could ever DREAM of being (did you see his interview in the Advocate?? What a PUTZ he is! I swear, when he said he has spoken out more for LGBT rights than any other candidate ever, I about killed myself laughing. Some ego this guy has...).

And I do hear your concerns abt Obama becoming the nominee. Does it help that Clinton won big in the NV caucuses yesterday?? She SHOULD have, since she won the popular vote (not that you hear THAT much from the MSM), but it seems people are really cluing in to her ACTIONS matching her WORDS.

And I can appreciate that you feel badly for hurting people's feelings, but you know - it really is how they receive things, too. If they take it PERSONALLY when you publish something positive abt Clinton, for example, that is on them because they have accepted Obama's spin that she is a divisive monster. We know she is not. My point is, if they are getting upset that the facts are in opposition to their OPINIONS, there isn't much you can do abt that.

And you are quite right - you need to continue to support your candidate in the manner that seems appropriate to you. I can tell you, I never got the impression that you were being antagonistic or patronzing with the Obama supporters. If they came away angry, perhaps it is because somewhere, they know that what you are saying is true, and that makes them angry (because tyhey are wrong, because they see pointing out facts abt Clinton AND Obama as attacks on Obama, because they might feel, deep-down, they picked the wrong candidate - who knows?). But from what I read, you have acted in a most appropriate manner, for what its worth!

Oh, yeah - before I forget - abt Obama and TUCC - you know that one of his BFFs is Rev. James Meeks, who is not just homophobic, but RABIDLY anti-gay (CNN's Roland Martin, another Obama apologist, attends Meeks' church). So, yeah - I don't trust one word out of Obama's mouth on this issue - he just says and does whatever he thinks is politically expedient. Grrr.

Hey - how was yoru baseball game the other night?