Tuesday, April 8, 2008

dixie chicks not ready to make nice

I think this would be a GREAT song for the Clinton campaign, especially with all of those bozos trying to get Clinton to drop out of the race to make it nice and easy for Obama. I can just see an ad with this song playing in the background as Pelosi, Dodd, Leahy, and the talking heads claiming she should step out drone on and on. Oh, and then expect all of us to come vote for Obama come November because we are Democrats, after all, and we shouldn't take these things, like sexism and misogyny, so personally. At the end, it can show Clintonn saying something like the following (and she has been saying something like this for weeks), "There are voters out there who have not had the chance to have their say! There are over 10 million Americans who want to vote!"

Well, I have to say, I DO take it personally, and I AM mad as hell about the way Hillary, and all women, have been treated during this campaign myself. So, I sure hope they don't think "I should do what it is you think I should," and vote for Obama, because it ain't gonna happen. I'm not ready to make nice, and I'm sure not backing down! I'm not forgetting how the MSM and the DNC have treated her.

I hope you won't, either. Clinton is polling HUGE in PA, but Obama is outspending her 4-1 in ads. She could use some support over the next two weeks. PA votes on April 22nd.

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