Monday, April 21, 2008

"Sexism, Misogyny, Women's History, and Hillary Clinton"

This is an excellent video, and seems appropriate on the eve of the major contest in Pennsylvania tomorrow. While Obama is whining and complaining if he is asked a question more difficult than, "What is your favorite color?" or "What is your favorite ice cream flavor?" (don't even THINK of asking him a question when he is about to eat a waffle, like a reporter tried to do today in PA - never mind that it was a publicity event - Obama just wanted to eat his waffle, dammit!), Clinton has been having to deal with tremendous bias, not just in the media, but in the culture as well. She has been held to a different standard throughout the process, and goddess forbid that she should actually stand up for herself!! How unladylike!!! Ahem.

This video can be a difficult one to watch, especially in the beginning. But, while it shows the difficulties Clinton faces, as well as women around the world, it is also one of hope, because Clinton fosters that kind of hope with her perserverance, with her heart, with her mind, and with her humor. So, I leave you to it, with the prayer that "Yes She Will" win tomorrow in PA, then in KY, IN, WV, all the way to the White House!

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