Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hillary Will Be A President Who Stands Up for Americans

This is a good response to Obama's recent attacks on good Americans, as well as the 8 years that Bill Clinton was president. I might add, as I recall, those 8 years were pretty damn good for most Americans, including those in small towns. So Obama's slam on both our ONLY TWO-TERM Democratic president in DECADES, along with a number of small-town Americans, was doubly insulting. What a blowhard. Anywho - this is a nice response from Clinton, and it rings most authentic. She grew up in a small town, and she HAS always been a church-goer. All true. This is who Clinton is, and she is the one who will BEST represent not just small town Americans, but ALL Americans. Amen, sister!


Mary Ellen said...

I watched that Compassion Forum last night and was so fed up with the media almost helping Obama answer the question about what he meant when he said people in PA were "bitter". I also noticed that when he spoke of the need for Democrats to reach out, he only said they should reach out to Evangelicals. Why only that branch of religion? He also really pushed "abstinence first" education and then almost as an afterthought he said that use of contraception etc. should also be taught. I know the abstinence first didn't work with Bush, why does he think it will work now? Kids don't have to be told that if they don't have sex they won't get pregnant or contract diseases, they're not stupid. They need to know how to prevent pregnancies and what type of diseases you could contract doing what sex act.

I was also surprised during that forum that they had Hillary stay on the stage and have to awkwardly walk off as the audience was applauding. It looked as if she was not being applauded, only Obama. Not to mention, he walked and stood right in front of her as he was shaking hands with the commentators, instead of allowing her to walk in front of him to if he wanted to loom over her. He doest this a lot, tries to stand right next to her and look down at her.

I hate that guy.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Dadgummit - I just wrote you a long response, and it failed to load!!!

I agree completely - the other things that bugged the bejesus out of me was his complete inability to utter, "A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE." Abstinence programs? What a joke!!

Then there was the working with Creationists - WHAAAA? Are you freakin' KIDDING Me?? Why give any credence to their ignorant belief system?

And indeed - why only Evangelicals?? I guess he figures that since Hillary is winning the Dem votes, all he can do is try to poach McCain's constituents. Oh, yeah - whatever, Barry.

I dislike Campbell Brown anyway, but I thought she was being particularly snarky to Clinton. And I appreciated that Clinton told her, nicer than I would have, that her spiritual experiences are PRIVATE, and not something she will cheapen by enumerating them for Brown's benefit. No shit!!! I have real concerns abt the whole forum thing ANYWAY. As a minister, I believe the separation of church and state is CRITICAL, and I do not think this was necessarily handed well. I am not sure it should have been done at ALL. Further - if they were going to be discussing issues of faith, shouldn't they have had MINISTERS doing it?? Just a thought.

Thanks for your comments!