Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Who Do We Want?

By all reports, Hillary Clinton did a bang-up job on both Countdown with Keith Obermann, and on the Larry King Live show. She handled all of their questions with grace, ease, and intelligence. She did not get tripped up nor flustered - and as I suspected, she completely disarmed Mr. Olbermann. Especially when he asked if she was going to renounce her endorsement from Scaife (who had bankrolled her husband's impeachment). She told him she believed in redemption, and no one was more surprised than SHE was by the endorsement. She made the point that she CAN build bridges between all kinds of people, and she surely did. How? Because she showed up in a tough room, and answered the questions they threw at her. Just like she did with Keith. Sadly, and as expected, he waited until AFTER she left to belittle her. What a big ol' surprise - NOT. Sigh. Anyway, enough about Keith. The point is that Senator Clinton once again showed why SHE is the best choice for president - hopefully, Pennsylvanians will think so, too!

And I just have to reprint a piece by SusanUnPC over at NoQuarterUSA.net. This highlights COMPLETELY the difference between these two candidates, and it ain't pretty for Obama, I'll say. And, I'll say, what a piece of work Obama is, and I do NOT mean that in a good way. Here it is:

"CNN Political Ticker:

[A]t a diner Thursday morning, a reporter slipped in a question about former President Jimmy Carter’s meeting with Hamas, but Obama responded by saying he just wanted to eat his waffle. Later that afternoon while taping an interview for “The Daily Show,” a reporter tried to ask Obama about a new Clinton ad and the Obama ad that came as a response. According to a pooled report, the White House hopeful asked the reporter if she was “supposed to be” asking a question then. He added that he would consider answering but that it would depend “on how well behaved you are.” In the end, he did not take the question."

"That CNN Political Ticker report fills me with anxiety. This is not the kind of person we want as president. He is hiding from the media. He is afraid to debate Hillary again, and get scrutinized. He knows he’s a sham. Deep down, he knows he’s not the real deal. He just hopes the followers who’ve bought into his scam don’t find out." (http://noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/04/21/so-you-hide-your-fear-with-arrogance/#more-2257)

So - who do we want? Another Bush? Or a Clinton who has the experience, the strength, the grace, the compassion, the humor, and the POLICIES? Clinton - hands DOWN!!!!

Vote, PA!!! Go, HILLARY!!!

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