Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Take Action!

There is an action at to have MI and FL seated. There is a section for comments, as well. This is what I wrote:

It is ESSENTIAL that the voices of Michigan and Florida are heard! Anything less than that makes a mockery of the democratic process, and of this nominating process. The voices of over 2.2 million Democrats MUST be recorded.

Florida should be seated as is, and MI, too, in my opinion. Obama made a strategic decision, one that seems to be backfiring on him now, but there are no do-overs in primaries, or there SHOULDN'T be! Let him take responsibility for his own decisions - he would be LUCKY to get all of the Uncommitted votes, since surely many of those folks were Edwards supporters. He needs to stop standing in the way of the VOTERS, and let the people SPEAK!

Senator Clinton, we are BEHIND YOU!!! Please do not give up - PLEASE!!! Perhaps it will do your heart good to know that Lou Dobbs has started speaking out on the incredible media bias with which you have been dealing. And all I can say is, keep talking about the issues, keep doing what you are doing, because who you are, and for what you stand, means a LOT to millions of us!!! (Just think how far ahead you'd be WITH MI and FL, and if the media wasn't so darned biased! Your momentum would have been unstoppable had those states been allocated, as they should be. That you are essentially tied speaks VOLUMES!)

Keep the faith, Senator Clinton!!

Now it's your turn, people - speak up!

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