Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Little Good News...

OK, since the MSM absolutely frikkin' REFUSES to print or talk about ANYTHING positive when it comes to Hillary Clinton, it comes to those of us in the blogosphere who support her. Here I go, then.

So, yes - Obama gets the endorsement of Bruce Springsteen. Big damn deal - I never cared all that much about Springsteen anyway I have to confess. What did the media FAIL to cover??? Endorsements that actually DO matter! ONE HUNDRED Pennsylvania mayors endorsed Hillary yesterday - ONE HUNDRED of them. You can see the complete list of mayors at:

Who else endorsed Senator Clinton? The Cement Masons and Plasterers Union of the AFL/CIO endorsed her. So, if you're looking for the Union label, look to Hillary Clinton.

And how about this one? In a match up against Senator McCain, Clinton wins handily. Obama? Not so much. Not even close. Nope - McCain beats him by a ton. It is pretty darn hard to win the presidency without Florida. Just sayin'.

And in NC, Clinton announced the 1,500 North Carolina Women for Hillary Leadership Council with some mighty impressive names on there (at least to a born Tar Heel). (

There are a lot more positives for the Clinton campaign than the national media is reporting, so don't believe everything you see. The best pollster, SUSA, has Clinton doing very well in PA, KY, and elsewhere, so don't listen to the crappy polls that discount Clinton. Just remember that a lot of other polls had her down and out a while ago, and they wer flat out WRONG.

So, keep the faith, people, and keep fighting for Clinton!!


Mary Ellen said...

Again, lifted my spirits today. I'm really nervous about this debate. It seems that all Obama has to do is stutter and smile and give the same answer Hillary did before him and they say he won. Hillary gets the tough questions first, and the Obama coasts. I wish the moderator's would figure that out and ask them different questions, equally hard questions. But, that's just a dream.

Hillary needs a big boost and if Obama could get tripped up tonight, that would be a dream come true. It seems that in the debates, they always let him "clear up" controversies surrounding him and they stir up new controversies with Hillary. I hope she nails him good. Of course, then they'll say she was "negative". If Obama nails her, he's "being tough" .

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...


Well, it's over, and I think Clinton won by a LANDLSIDE, even with Obama's flat out lies and personal attacks("hey, that wasn't MY handwriting!" and unsubstantiated attacks, "someone was recording her when she didn't know they were, and this is what she REALLY said..."). From what I saw at TalkLeft, BTD said the people over at TPM had to grudgingly admit that Obama was not doing well, and Clinton was.

Just abt everyone felt like: how can you watch/listen to these two and NOT see that she is the most qualified candidate?!?! Really, she is just head and shoulders above this guy. Hopefully, the people of PA will see it.

I still think she got short-changed time as Obama rambled on and pointlessly on...That man cannot make a short, coherent sentence to save his LIFE! Just one generalization or cliche strung together after another, and making NO sense!!

I do think Clinton is going to win PA, and big. I don't know if you saw the people in the audience, but they looked BORED TO TEARS when Obama was droning on. Their appropriate laughter to comments by Clinton showed they were paying attention to her. Obama's quick anger at actualy having to answer a hard question for a change really showed his temperament. He always gets mad when pressed - just like someone else we know (as in Dubya). And his constant homage to REPUBLICAN presidents must strike more people wrong than just us. I imagine him talking abt how great the first Bush was in foreign policy probably irked just a few people (and you know, he CANNOT say anything nice abt BIll at ALL!!! Jerk.).

So glad I could help out, Maru Ellen! I hope after wastching Hillary tonight you already felt better! :-D

Mary Ellen said...

Yesterday's debate...what a great ending to a horrible day yesterday. I'll tell ya, she just sparkled and Obama looked like a kid who studied all the wrong things for a test. The best part is, Keith Olbermann had to sit there last night and try to cover for Barack. It was everybody's else's fault, not his pet candidate's fault for not being able to talk off script. Keith kept saying to Maddow, "He did alright, didn't he?" "He wasn't that bad was he?"

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I agree - she won HANDS down! I saw reports that people at Kos and TPM were FREAKING out at how poorly Obama did, and that he was actually asked something other than a softball lob. Abt damn time, if you ask me, and even then, it gave him an opportunity to attack CLINTON.

Have you noticed that? How quick he is to attack her when he is under attack, like the whole Weathermen thing?? (NoQuarterUSA has a GREAT piece on that, btw.) It reminds me of an abuser, you know? NEVER taking responsibility, and attacking with the least (or no) provocation. That man CANNOT think on his feet.

Anywho - enough abt him. Yes, Clinton was FANTASTIC last night. She is so incredibly smart - and as someone pointed out, SHE asked for votes - Obama did not. But then again, since he has already started talking abt himself in the third person, and making coments abt once he has come somewhere, it becomes Obama country, he thinks he is all set. Yeah. Okay. Anywho - she did do a great job - thank heavens, since I was also watching the Yanks v. Red Sox game on my computer (along with live blogging). Had it gone badly, I might not have any hair left!! Teehee! Yes - she SPARKLED!!