Friday, June 27, 2008


There have been a spate of blogs on Blogspot that are favorable to Clinton, and critical of Obama, that have been locked. Apparently, they were flagged as "Spam," which means they are blocked until Blogspot gets around to checking out the claims, which can be WEEKS. A number of us, myself included, have opened alternative blogs at Wordpress, just in case. This is not a site I am using now, but WILL, should anything happen to this blog (please do not leave any comments there now, though - I am only posting at THIS blog for now).

Frankly, I do not know if this is connected or not, but my primary credit card was hacked this past weekend. Fortunately, I have a great bank that flagged it as fraudulent activity immediately, but there were a number of charges which I have had to clear up. Here's the thing, and why I think this was some form of harrassment - the items that were ordered were to be sent to MY home address, not anyone else's. As the Fraud Adviser said, they were either incredibly stupid (possible, but then how did they get my card number?), or something else was going on. I only use secure sites - ALWAYS - as my credit card was phished a couple of years ago. So, I have been incredibly protective of it since then, so someone had to work hard at this. So, I do not know how it happened - the Fraud Investigators have some leads on which to work, and I hope they catch them. Not only did these people try to steal money from me, but they have stolen a TREMENDOUS amount of time from me. The money is being restored; the time will never be. So, I honestly do not know if there is any connection between this form of harrassment and blogs being locked, but it does seem just a tad coincedental...

I find all of this to be incredibly disconcerting, especially with the blogs. As far as I knew, we still had free speech in this country, or we did until George Bush becamse president. Once that happened ANY derogatory remarks against HIM were labeled unpatriotic, particularly after 9/11. Now we have Barack Obama, not even president, much less not having completed his FIRST term in the Senate, but still somehow he has manufactured the concept that ANY criticism of HIM is racist. There is no way to question his record, or his words, or his background without being attacked as racist. This is quite a feat for someone who was a relative unknown, certainly as far as his record, or lack therof, would indicate. It is quite a feat that this relative unknown has been selected as the presumptive nominee of the DNC. It is quite a feat that he has achieved cult-like status in such a short time.

It really makes me wonder - it makes me wonder how in the world he had the INFRASTRUCTURE for all of this. How can someone who has been in the US Senate for less than 4 years have this level of national infrastructure? Many of us are convinced the fix was in from the very beginning, and the way the Washington Insiders have circled around him, the way the Media have circled around him, and the vast amounts of money has has been getting (and honestly, the possibliity that it is all in $5 - 10 increments from college students is hilarious), would certainly lend some credence to that concept.

Along those lines, it is also curious the way the online bloggers have joined in with this relative unknown, who has changed his positions more often than he changes his socks. The online community that originally was the more CRITICAL community has now become sheep in an incredibly short amount of time. The orgnaization that seems evident in the attacks by Obama followers is also suspect to me. Now, I know there are people who just have WAY too much time on their hands, but really - the attacks that have been leveled against Clinton supporters come from the exact same playbook at a number of different sites(and those efforts look VERY MUCH like the Republican playbook). This new level of attack, shutting down people's blogs, also seems pretty organized. Who is running this show? Who is supporting it? Who is FUNDING it???

These are all questions I would like to have answered, along with: WHY HASN'T OBAMA SPOKEN OUT ABOUT THE HARRASSING BEHAVIOR OF HIS FOLLOWERS??? Even last night, when given the chance, with Hillary Clinton by his side, he STILL could not bring himself to do the right thing (see NoQuarterUSA for the Breaking Story on the joint fundraiser last night). Basic civlity would seem to dictate that Obama, were he a civil person, would speak out against these attacks, against the sexism and misogyny, against the hatred being spewed toward Clinton supporters, or those who have left the DNC due to its immoral activities. But no - it is all about him. Not the kind of person I want running the country to be sure. None of the qualities he has demonstrated make himt he kind of person I want running this country, especially after George W. Bush. As I have previously written, they are two peas in a pod, no doubt about it. After seeing who we COULD have, who we SHOULD have, there is no way I can stomach this charlatan, this arrogant, egotistical, sexist, ill-mannered chameleon. No way.

One final thought - today is the annivesary of Joseph Smith and his brother, Hyrum, being beaten to death by a mob in Illinois back in 1844. No doubt, the mob was trying to silence them. This election season, Clinton was bludgeoned repeatedly in an attempt to silence her - she wasn't physically injured - we have come a little way since 1844 - but she suffered insults, distortions, attacks, and emotional assaults daily at the hands of the mobs, the MSM and the Obama campaign. And she was silenced. Now, the voices of some of her supporters are also being silenced by the mobs. What is it that Act Up said? Oh, I know: Silence = Death.

It is hard for me to know in which country I am now living - the USA or the USSR? When the voices of the people are silenced, when questioning is not tolerated, when appropriate critiicisms are squashed, when any form of dissent is not tolerated,when political candidates are selected, not ELECTED, when votes are stolen from one candidate and given to another in broad daylight, it is hard to argue that we still have a democracy. I never thought I would live to see this day, especially at the hands of the Democratic Party. But here we are...


Mary Ellen said...

Well said, Amy. This whole thing about blogs being blocked is very worrisome. None of us now if they are being flagged by Obamabots and Blogger is inundated with work trying to get them back on line, or if it is someone within Blogger, itself, who happens to be an Obamabot. The fact is, however, it has to be coming from Obama, his camp, or his followers since its obvious that this is only happening on sites that are anti-Obama or pro-Hillary.

Really, this intimidation is no different than the intimidation that was evident by the Obamabots at the caucuses. And these people call themselves progressives? They are nothing more than fascists, IMO...the whole lot of them.

I also can't tell you how disappointed I am in those who supported Hillary, and after hearing Obama defend the new FESA bill (I heard he didn't even show up for the vote after saying he would do all he could to strip out the part about the immunity for telecom's), and yet, they still say they will hold their nose and vote for him. The Obamabots couldn't wait to defend how he trampled on the Constitution, they say they trust him. They are no different than Bush's, they're worse---they should know better.

Mary Ellen said...

None of us now if they are being

Ooops, typed too fast...I meant, "none of of KNOW if they are..."


Mary Ellen said...

crap...FISA bill, not FESA.

Sheesh. Sorry again. I'm not going to be graded on these comments, am I? I don't want this on my permanent record. ;-)

Diamond Tiger said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Diamond Tiger's comment was edited to protect her privacy. Here is what she wrote:

Well these tactics are in keeping with everything else that is happening....try to shut down the message. Only problem is - there are millions of us linked. Thanks for the tip about the lock.

As for your credit card issue - probably not linked have gotten alot of visibility on NQ and more than likely I will have to be looking for you over at Wordpress soon. They'll follow you back here. If something happens, please email me at ***** and tell me where you are at. When you moderate this post, can you take out my email address? Mahalo,


P.S. My blog is one week old today! I put it together so fast last week that it looked completely crayonish....please stop by and take a peek now - still under construction though. :)

Thank you so much for your support!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Mary Ellen -

LOL - no, you will NOT be graded on your comments, and I TOTALLY knew what you meant.

And I agree with you. This level of intimidation is EXACTLY what we were all complaining about back in 2000 - that's what I mean by them taking the Republcian Playbook. They have bought into it completely, along with defending The One when he betrays every claim he has made! FISA? Oh, well, what the hell - so the gov't can spy on us! Apparently, Obama is thinking he is going to be King, and might just NEED that power to round up the rest of Clinton dissidents...

And Diamond, I will definitely let you know if I have to go elsewhere. Just so you know, the address is: HOPEFULLY, I won't have to use it, but who the heck knows??

And I DO hope it was just coincedental with my credit card. I am not like some big time conspirarcy theorist, but sometimes, one just has to wonder...

COOL abt your site - I didn't realize it was so new! I will definitely go back and take a look (did you notice I listed you in my Cool Sites area?!).

Thanks for coming by, y'all, and for the GREAT comments (I'll give them both an A+!!!).

Diamond Tiger said...


Yes! I did notice that you listed me and I appreciate that more than you know.

When this whole primary fiasco started heating up back in January, I started commenting on different sites, but didn't realize that I could just put my own blog together until last thurs. So - it's been a scramble to catch up with all the new internet stuff for the last 5 years and not breaking blog etiquette rules along the way. If I get way outta line, just tell me.

Could you watch Hillary's speech at Unity, NW?

Masha9 said...

I was running the e-mail for a pro-Hillary group during the primary and we started to receive unbelievable amounts of SPAM. Every morning I had to clean up the inbox folder before I could start my work. I always thought it was harassment from the Obama tecno-thugs.. Now I KNOW it was. Is there anybody out there with a similar experience?