Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dirty Barack Obama

Who knew that CNN actually did some honest-to-goodness JOURNALISM during this primary season?!?! Not me - glad I saw this link at another site!

So, yeah - for those who have SOMEHOW missed this, Obama was able to get elected to the Illinois State Senate in Chicago because he got everyone ELSE taken off the ballot. Yep - that's the way to do it. Run completely unopposed after hiring a bunch of lawyers and getting a bunch of volunteers to help you help yourself. What a stand-up guy!! Oh, and near the end, a volunteer tries to claim that he did't enjoy throwing the woman who had been his mentor, Alice Paul, under the bus. Didn't stop him from doing it, of course. With friends like him...(He must have a fleet of buses by now, after all the people he has been throwing under them left and right, no matter WHAT they did for him, or WHO they were in his life. It would make me a little jumpy, if I was someone in his inner circle!)

Anyway, this gives a good synopsis about how he got into the State Senate. And for anyone who might think that despite how he got into the State, that at least his becoming a US Senator was a big acomplishment, bear in mind - HE RAN AGAINST ALAN KEYES! Alan Keyes, that batshit CRAZY guy who was thrown in there at the last minute after Obama's Republican opponent had some dirty laundry exposed (gee - was that "Chicago-style" politics, too?!?).

Should he somehow become the nominee after all of his recent flip flops and embarrassments, I wonder how he will fare having to run against an ACTUAL opponent?!? Time will tell, I reckon!

Anyway, enjoy this bit of real journalism!


Mary Ellen said...

Yup, that's how he did it. When I saw how he managed to get the sealed divorce papers of one of his opponents into the public eye, I knew he was rotten to the core. The guy is slime, and if anyone thinks that he won't show his true colors if he is President, they are fooling themselves.

Oh..and a little off topic tidbit for you. Did you see that Taylor Marsh is starting to ban those who refuse to get on the Obama bandwagon? She banned nomobama, one of her regular Hillary supporting bloggers from the primary season. I didn't see one thing that nomobama said that should have caused her to be banned, other than her saying she would never vote for Obama.

This is the same Taylor Marsh who said during the primary that she wouldn't ban the Obama supporters that were coming around to harass those on the blog supporting Hillary during the primary races because she didn't want to be like Huffpost and DailyKos that were banning Hillary supporters from their blogs.

I guess one of the side effects of drinking the Obama Kool-Aide is hypocrisy.

I'm hoping that all those who refuse to vote for Obama will boycott her blog...not even click onto it (that brings her revenue). If she doesn't welcome those who don't agree with her, she doesn't deserve the revenue, IMO.

Mary Ellen said...

Oh..and I stopped posting over there for a few weeks, after Taylor threw her support for Obama, although I never said anything, just didn't post. When I went to sign in to post that I thought nomobama should not have been banned, I saw that I had been banned, too. I can't believe that these people call themselves progressives. They are more like fascists.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

So it defintely WAS Obama who got the Rep. contender's divorce papers unsealed? I assumed as much, but didn't know if that was the accepted version or not...

Holy CRAP, Mary Ellen - are you KIDDING me abt Taylor Marsh? And why the hell would YOU be banned anyway??!?! That is disturbing on OH-SO-MANY levels. I knew she said that she would support whoever the DNC nominee was, but that nominee is not set until the end of AUGUST, so why the rush to squelch discussion?!?!?

Wow - that is PATHETIC!

I should say that I haven't gone there for a long time, either, once she flipped over. And I took her off my list of Cool Sites, too. Like you, I didn't want to ive her any revenue.

I can't believe this, ME - this is just too nuts. What the hell country are we leaving in, anyway!?!?! Holy shit...

Mary Ellen said...

Amy- Somebody at one of the other sites...I think riverdaughter's, said that Taylor must be reading the other sites, because the people who are getting banned are the one's who have spoken out on her new attitude toward Hillary supporters who won't support Obama. It's all about "her"...no one is allowed to criticize her blog.

When the Internet was the only place to get real news about George Bush, not the filtered propaganda from the news media, I thought this would put an end to false political information. Now I see that our own party is just as capable of stifling the truth and spreading propaganda in order to crown a nominee. Those who oppose Obama have been silenced by the hordes of the Obama cult.

There is no way that I could take Taylor Marsh seriously since her 180 degree turn on a dime. Before Obama had this clinched, she did say that she would support the nominee. But she also said that she would write posts that were more against McCain, but not FOR Obama. She lied...what a surprise. She's even spreading the Obama propaganda, false propaganda.

The real scary thing is, those who are a part of PUMA, have been getting threats to themselves and their families by Obama thugs. This is worse than the right wing crowd, much more serious. Sure, it may be just a small group, but I've been hearing more and more about this stuff happening. This is Chicago style politics taken to a National level...not good.