Friday, June 6, 2008

Talk About Hubris...*Updated*

So, Obama gave the speech on Thursday, you know, the same one he has been giving (with slight variations) all election season long. Don't worry if you missed it - if you heard it before, you heard it yesterday. With this variation: he said he wanted President Clinton to campaign for him. Yes, THAT President Clinton, the one he, his minions in the Democratic Party Elite, including my representative, Jim Clyburn, and Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., to name just two, attacked as a racist for speaking the truth regarding Obama's Iraq War stance (you know the one - the "Fairy Tale" that Obama had done anything different from what Clinton had done since coming into the Senate). The one they attacked as racist for mentioning a FACT, that Jesse Jackson, Sr. won the SC Primary, too. Yep - that would be the one! The one Barack Obama and his campaign painted as a HUGE racist, in contradiction to Bill Clinton's LONG standing record to the contrary, to get votes.

Oh - and Hillary, too. He wants her to campaign for him, too, even though he, and his minions, labeled HER as a racist for - again, stating a fact: LBJ signed the Civil Rights Bill into law. Why, how DARE she mention that?!?!?!?! It's an insult to Martin Luther King, Jr. to acknowledge that a Bill does not become a LAW until the PRESIDENT signs it!! Apparently, they didn't listen to enough School House Rock as youth, or they would have KNOWN that's how it works.

The hubris is staggering from this inexperienced, unqualified first term senator with quite a number of some of the SHADIEST known associates around! He labels these two public servants as RACISTS to demonize them, constantly uses sexism and misogyny to attack his opponent, then wants them to campaign for them. WOW. Words Fail.

Oh, and then there was the little meeting between Obama and Clinton at Sen. Diane Finestein's Washington, DC house Thursday night to discus how to unify the party. Well, here's a little clue - when you use SEXISM and MISOGYNY to garner votes, not to mention STEALING your competitor's votes via the RBC of the DNC, and while I am at it - not even coming up with your OWN pollicy statements but stealing them from the Smart Girl, you are not going to unify the party. That is a pipe dream. It is not going to happen now, and it is not going to happen in November.

Ironically, some Obamatron said on TalkLeft last night that enough time had passed, and we Clinton supporters should get over being angry. Well, SURE - we had all of TWO DAYS to be upset that this nomination was STOLEN - so what do WE have to be upset about, anyway?!?! I knew it was coming - I did. I knew the Obama people were going to start attacking us for being upset. I have NEVER seen such SORE WINNERS! (Well, I have, but I'm not going to get into baseball right now.) Anyway - so, yeah - it is up to US, apparently, to let go of all of the nasty, vitriolic, hateful, misogynistic attacks that have inundated us for 16 months. Just like THAT - SNAP! Uh huh. Don't bloody count on it.

I should add, I know that elections can be nasty business, but USUALLY, it has more to do with POLICIES and EXPERIECE than it does with one's Race or GENDER. Not this time. The Obama Campaign used race and gender to shove the VASTLY more superior candidate out of the race. To use these two major issues to denigrate someone, rather than dealing with ISSUES and POLICIES, is reprehensible. And that the DNC has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to ALL of the underhanded shenanigans in which the Obama Campaign engaged, not just at the caucuses (locking Clinton supporters out of the caucuses, bullying elderly women until they left, etc.), but in primaries in which Obama people would set up Obama tables INSIDE the polling places! ALL Of this was made clear to Howard Dean, and the DNC, but they had already decided Obama was going to be their candidate. Perhaps they think he will resurrect the DNC - what they do not seem to get is that his tactics are destroying the Party. Oh, no wait - that's what Donna Brazille wants - the DNC no longer needs working class voters, or even Hispanics, she said, nor many women, for that matter, apparently. So, okay - I guess they'll get what they wanted - and let's just see how much money those college kids pour into the DNC.

So, yeah - the Hubris demonstrated by Obama, the DNC, AND the media have just been shocking, more so than usual. So, no, we aren't going to be singing Kumbayah anytime soon, some of us, well, NEVER. So, stop acting like we will, and stop telling us we should just get over it. Some of us actually care about FAIRNESS, ETHICS, and TRUTH. Just sayin'.

Oh one more thing - I learned Friday that the RBC gamed the meeting last week, too, according to the video of Harriet Christian posted at No Quarter. They gave 3/4 of the tickets to OBAMA supporters, and made it VERY difficult for Clinton supporters to get tickets at ALL. Gee, what a freakin' surprise - NOT!!!!

*****NOTE - I will be on vacation all of next week, 6/8 - 15.*****


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Ed Rendel said a few months ago that either candidate would be great. He siad that when it's over the losers supporters get 10 days to wail and gnash their teeth then after that they need to support the nominee of the party. I'm sure you'll call that a pretty sexist thing of him to say even though he was one of Hillary's biggest supporters.

Perhaps you'd like to live through a third Bush term where Bush McCain nominates Supreme Court Justices who take away a woman's right to choose and who side with big business against working people. Maybe you'd like that, but there a millions of Americans who won't. And they'll be working hard to get the nominee of the Democratic Party elected.

kid said...

Other than the "sweetiegate" comment he made to a person who was rude to him,tell me something sexist he said.BTW, Larry Johnson cult leader worked for the CIA.Now it didn't bother you that Hillary ran 'round drinkin' moonshine and shootin' guns in PA.You are free to comment at my site. I can't say the same for Larry's cult.Who supports Hillary Oreilly,Beck,Limbaugh,Klannity, and the list goes on.Hillary going to back Sen.Obama. Is she under the influence ? Only a republiklan would have McPain's back, so get out the wire hangers and get rid of women rights, I DARE YOU.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Wow - I guess y'all have never met facts you liked! I'm not getting into this crap with you EXCEEDINGLY poor winners. If you are SO damn sure abt how GREAT your candidate is, why are you out trashing Clinton people?? You think this is going to get ANY of us to vote for him? Um, NO. He is inexperienced, unqualified, stands for NOTHING but himself, goes whichever the way the wind blows, and there is NOTHING to say HE is going to be great on Women's Rights - he has sure not demonstrated he will be (and telling that you can think of only ONE instance in which he was sexist, Kid - WOW).

Given that Obama wants to return to the Foreign Policies of George H.W. Bush, apparently HE wants us to live through a Third Bush term! Stop with the falsehoods, the ad hominems, and all of the manipulations, kids. And, stop bothering the adults.

travelingman said...

Rabble Rouser,

I am sorry you are grieving. I honestly hope at some point you will feel better about this election. As a fellow blogger I want to thankyou for participating in the process. We are not all sore winners imho.

At times there has certainly been both sexism and racism in this campaign. I think that this country is better for it. It has brought this issue to the table for open discussion in ways that have never happened before.

Best wishes and I hope you someday can see that not all of us Obama supporters are bad.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks for the kind words, Traveling Man...I appreciate them.

As you can see from the other comments from Obama supporters here, you are in the minority, sad to say. I am heartened to hear that not every Obama supporter is a sore winner - the comments at other places as well as here would certainly indicate otherwise.

I wish I could agree with you on the sexism issue - unfortunately, rather than having it raised as an issue with which we need to deal, too many people, including prominent writers, are dismissing it, and essentially piling on. It seems to be the one -ism that is perfectly acceptable in which to engage (check out the article in the New Republic by Michelle Golderg for an example).

Anyway, I appreciate your comments!