Sunday, June 22, 2008


The number has finally been revealed - Hillary Clinton is abt $22.5 million in debt. Bear in mind that since February, she has won the lion's share of the primary contests. And she did it by being outspent up to 4 -1 by the Obama campaign. No amount of money could fool some people. Actually, no amount of money could fool the MAJORITY of the people. But still, somehow, in complete opposition to all of the facts, the most qualified, most intelligent, most prepared Democratic candidate has been shuttled to the side. And she has a lot of debt as a result.

She needs our help to retire this debt. I am on my way to give some more. I cannot bear that she would have to be indebted to OBAMA or the DNC in any way, shape, or form. I hope you feel the same way. So, go to her site, Hillary, and give what you can. This is NOT going to the Obama campaign - read the fine print at the bottom. It is definitely for the Hillary Clinton for President fund.

Do what you can. Help Hillary out - don't make her have to pander to those back-stabbers. And if you wish, for an added bonus, print out your receipt, and send it to the DNC when they ask you for money! Make sure to send it back in their postage-paid envelope!! What goes around, comes around. And the DNC is going to be getting its comeuppance for how it, they, treated Senator Clinton. This is a mighty fine way to both be empowered, and to do something positive for Senator Clinton. Go to it!

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Dear RabbleRouserRuminations,

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Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Wow - awesome site! Thanks for the link to this blog, and I am getting on putting your banner up as well.

Well done, Nobamanetwork!!