Monday, June 16, 2008

Holy Frijoles!

I am gone on vacation for one week - ONE WEEK! And all hell has broken lose! Evidently, Obama has hijacked the DNC and moved it lock, stock, and barrel to CHICAGO!!! WOWIE ZOWIE!! How do the OTHER 57 states feel that the DNC has now become the BONC? Holy freakin' Toledo. This is really hard to fathom. Obama is a JUNIOR Senator. Hell, he has barely been there for his first term, and certainly has done very little real work since he has been so busy stealing - um, I mean - campaigning - for votes. As we all know by now, he could not even chair his own subcommittee on piddly matters like AFGHANISTAN and NATO because he was busy running around the country on his Unity Unicorn. And now, and NOW - he has essentially taken over the ENTIRE DNC. How does this happen, I ask you? Is it that people have HANDED over that much power to him, and if so, WHY? Why would they give a junior senator who has essentially ZERO experience, the reins to the WHOLE enchilada??? If I was still a Democrat, I'd be mighty upset by this. Even still, I have never, in my entire 50 years on this planet, EVER heard of a presidential candidate having THIS much power over the organization, never mind one who had so little experience. Oh, wait - there hasn't BEEN a presidential candidate with so little experience before - maybe THAT'S the issue!! If we only had people who had relationships with nefarious people, some flat out criminal, and NO real Congressional experience, maybe THEY would have hijacked their entire political organization, too!!! Who knew?!

Well, good luck with all of that. As Texas Darlin' has already pointed out in NoQuarter, Obama and the DNC are having a hard time raising money. Wow - what a surprise, NOT!!! See, evidently, none of the muckety mucks at the DNC bothered to read all of our emails telling them we would not give them one more NICKEL if they kept shoving the least experienced, most poorly prepared, candidate down our throats. And, they must have hit the Spam button when we kept telling them we would NOT support thier pick over the most QUALIFIED candidate, who was heads and shoulders above her competition. Maybe they thought we would all fall in line after all, being the good little women (and men who support a qualified woman) we were, and toe the line after all, hanging the spectre of John McCain over our heads. Oooohhhh, scary!!! (Seriously - I am not voting for McCain, but he cannot be anywhere NEAR as bad as Bush, could he?) Surprise!!!! We were all telling the truth!! We WILL NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA PERIOD!! We will NOT support their mind-boggling choice to be the DNC nominee. Nope - not when we have seen the one whom we COULD have had!! Why in the HELL would we want someone who really DOES flip flop around on every single issue and answer, someone who makes OUTRAGEOUS claims like NO ONE has done more for the LGBT community, or for women, or for Israel, or just NAME a group, than Obama has. After I picked myself up off the floor laughing myself silly on THOSE stupid comments, you have this guy saying he NEVER said he would pull the troops out of Iraq. WHAAA??? Is Obama REALLY so naive as to think we don't have VIDEO TAPE?!?!?!? Really?? He said it over and over and OVER again in every single one of those debates. Now, I thought HIS people were supposed to be all of the edumacated (!) ones, but thank HEAVENS I had a good Logic professor while pursuing my undergrad degree in Philosophy, and a good ethics professor for my Master's of Divinity, concentrating in Ethics, 'cause I detect not only some logical fallacies here, but some downright LIES. This man's lack of an ethical base is but ONE of the MANY reasons I will never vote for him. I have seen the alternative, and having seen her, someone who really HAS done a lot for the LGBT community, for women, for the working poor, for veterans, and I could go on and on, cannot, absolutely WILL not, support this sham of a candidate who has hijacked the entire party. Like I said, Good luck to 'em all!

I guess THIS will learn me to take a vacation during a presidential election cycle!! Sheesh.


tucsonlynn said...

Great post! I just saw this at No Q and really enjoyed it.I have not seen your writing before and will look for more. Thanks.
Go PUMA's!

BJ said...

I've been a long time reader of NoQ, long before this election cycle and I have to say I don't like the direction it has turned with all the new posters who post lonnnng whinnnning diaries of their opinions on everything from black to white from morning to night.. BUT I wanted to let you know your post there was a refreshing (brief) read and I enjoyed it! can't say that about many posts there these days!!

Didn't know you had your own blog, I'll hold onto the link... hope that's ok since I'm a diehard atheist!


queen81 said...

Loved the post. My girlfriend and I live in Greenville. Any groups around here that I don't know about?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks to all of you for coming by! I appreciate it!

Tucsonlynn, I did have another post at NoQuarter recently - one of the rants after Hillary suspended and Obama claimed he was King of the Universe. It's on my blog, to, if you feel like taking a look around! And Go, PUMAsS indeed!!

BJ - wow - thanks! I appreciate the positive comments! By all means, I would be delighted to have you bookmark my blob. And hey, I AM an UU minister after all - atheism is most definitely a belief system, and I have total respect for someone who chooses that path (no easy feat in this culture). Tanks!

Queen81, thanks! I live in the Charleston area, so I'm afraid I can't help you out too much on local groups (there is a UU church there, though, and they may have a ood group going. They maybe a Welcoming Congregation, which means they have done intentional work to be open to members of the LGBT community. It's worth a phone call, anyway!).

Thanks, everybody!

Medusa said...

You look way too young to be retired! Love your post on NQ. Keep it up. We need your humor in such bleak times.

Tigger12 said...

Oh That's IT! No More Vacations for you Missy!!! :)

Thanks you for your concise and fresh approach to the lunacy of this election cycle.


kid said...

I thought Hillary said to support Sen.Obama. You're acting like republiklans. Time magazine said that NoQuarter has no credibility.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks, Medusa and Tigger12! (And Tigger, I am SO glad I did NOT have cappuccino in my mouth when I read your comment! Otherwise, I'd be wiping off my computer screen now!!). And thanks for coming by!

Btw, Kid - we don't fall in lockstep. We actually think for ourselves. Hillary, for reasons I cannot fathom, is a Party loyalist despite their abject failure to show HER any. So, yeah - she pretty much HAS to say what she's saying, but since many of HER supporters have minds of our own, we make our OWN decisions. And I, for one, will never vote for an inexperienced, arrogant, sexist, elitist politician who uses race to divide and conquer. No way.