Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mother Puma vs Grizzly Bear

Wow, Ed Rendell has apparently been drinking the Kool Aide (or Cult Aide, as some are now calling it). He has put out a statement regarding "HOUNDS," in reponse to PUMA08. Here is his Credo:

By Governor Edward G. Rendell

We have formed HOUND (Hillary-Obama-United-Not-Divided) in response to the creation of PUMA (party unity, my ass -- or its cleaned up moniker, People United Means Action).

PUMA advocated that Hillary Clinton supporters do not vote for Barack Obama just for the sake of party unity. Even though we in HOUND are loyal Democrats, we agree that no one should cast a vote for President because of a desire to achieve party unity. We believe Sen. Clinton supporters should vote for Sen. Obama because, as Hillary herself said so forcefully and poignantly in her great speech a few Saturdays ago, the best way to achieve the changes she has fought so hard to bring to America, and on which she based her campaign, is to support Sen. Obama, whose policies are almost identical to hers.

The Clinton-Obama plans on health care, the economy, energy, education and on ending the war in Iraq represent the core values that made us all Democrats – values and positions that are light years apart from the conservative policies enunciated by Sen. McCain (e.g., voting against S-CHIP, voting against raising CAF standards, voting against equal pay for women, voting for increased tax credits for big oil and against extending the credit for the production of renewable energy, expanding an increase in the Bush tax cuts, promoting a war without end in Iraq, etc.) If you care about these things, and we believe PUMA members do, then you must support Sen. Obama.

No one worked harder than I did for Hillary and I believe no one could admire her and what she represents more that I do. But we must get over our disappointment and, as Hillary said, not waste time looking back and thinking about what might have been. Our country’s challenges must be addressed immediately, not four years from now. Our beloved country simply cannot afford four more years of Republican do-nothing-for-people government. PUMA members risk just that – it could be a Ralph Nader 2000 redux. Don’t let that happen. Close your eyes and think about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton standing together united at a ceremony for the bill signing of legislation that guarantees every American affordable, effective healthcare.

One last point – HOUND is not anti-PUMA. We agree with many of your grievances. For example, we, too, believe that the Democratic Party’s nominating process is unfair and undemocratic. We must change the policy where some votes are more important than others and some areas receive more delegates than their number of voters would justify – it violates the spirit of “one person, one vote.” We must eliminate caucuses that are inherently undemocratic and disenfranchise seniors (no absentee voting for those who can’t go to the polls), shift workers and our military. Forcing people to declare their preference in public also violates another cherished principle that undermines our democracy.

So, we are asking all PUMA members to curb your disappointment, mute your anger and frustration and join HOUND to help change America. While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive. (

Well, Ed, I used to have respect for you. But your patronizing attitude, and dismissal of the REAL concerns of PUMA (and JUST SAY NO DEAL) to put forth your pithy credo have removed that respect. You no longer deserve it. Your sexist suggestion that we should just "mute" our anger, something women in particular have been told to do for far too long, shows your true colors. And you know what? I am pretty sick and tired of men trying to tell me what to do.

The REASONS we are members of PUMA are not just because we support Hillary Clinton, but because the DNC has lost its moral compass. When it games nominations; when it pushes out a candidate who has won the popular vote, whose name Howard Dean is not even planning to put on the first ballot despite the fact HIS was on there with his 167.5 delegates; when the DNC ROBS the voters by taking their votes to give to someone not even on the ballot, well, there is no way we are just going to swallow our anger, put aside our integrity and our conscience, to do your bidding.

If we felt Obama truly DID stand for the same things as Hillary, well, then why isn't SHE the nominee? She has the experience, the votes, and the POLICIES!! He is but a copycat of the original, and not a good one at that. We have no reason to believe he will stand with us on ANY policies as his constant flip-flopping has demonstrated he is INCAPABLE of taking a position. He is simply not qualified. Period.

Oh, and Ed? The puma in this video chased off a full grown grizzly bear - do you REALLY think a HOUND has a chance against a PUMA??


RiverDaughter at Confluence has an EXCELLENT response to this "Credo," as does Pagan Power at No Quarter. Check them out!


Amarissa said...

Hi RR! Beautifully put as usual! I, as many PUMAS, have been filling HOUNDS form with outrageously funny information. There are some examples in PUMA's postings. I am outraged at Rendell for understimating our reasons for not electing BHO. They should understand, first of all, that it is not just a "woman" issue any more, it is a fight for justice being done in their finger selection of this unqualified rookie of a candidate. A fight against the cheating on the part of the Democratic(?) Party. If they do not take us seriously now, they will after their big loss in november. This is our stand. They cannot buy our votes by scaring us with the abortion issue, my God, they are so far behind! Do they really think this is the only issue that matters to us? Please try to post your feelings everywhere, you express our cause so well!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks so much, Amarissa! I really appreciate it!

And that is BRILLIANT abt going to the HOUND form and putting in different info!! I am out of town right now (short trip - I'll be back home tomorrow night), and have VERY limited internet access, but I'll go take a look tomorrow night. Thanks for the heads up!

And you know I couldn't agree more with your assessment!!

Women State is a GREAT site!!

LindaA1 said...

Ed Rendell ends his HOUND CREDO by saying "While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive."

Wouldn't you know somebody didn't do a lot of research on this one?

Dr. S Cohen, author of THE INTELLIGENCE OF DOGS, worked with over 200 show judges to rate the intelligence of 79 dog breeds.

Now I just can't see Ed Rendell as the exotic Pharaoh Hound type (no. 37) or the fancy Irish Wolfhound (no. 41). Although almost halfway down to "dumb dog," these are the two smartest hounds.

I definitely see Ed as a Bassett Hound (no. 71) or a Bloodhound (no. 76) kinda guy.

Even the winner of the dumbest dog distinction is a hound - the prissy Afghan Hound (no. 79).

Still, Ed is an adorable guy. Lovable like the dumbest of dogs - even when they drink out of the toilet or lick themselves inappropriately in public.


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Lindaa1!

Sorry for the delay in responding - I was out of twon for a coupled of days...

LOVED your comments, though! Very funny!

And yeah - I mean, really - I know someone who lost her HORSE to a puma...

Some people seem to think Ed is a closet PUMA himself!!

THanks for coming by!