Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NO DEAL: Join The Coalition of Millions

GeekLove, who brought us the OUTSTANDING "Mad as Hell" video, has created this new video to encourage people to join the "Just Say No Deal" coalition. Please take a look, rate it, and make comments on it. It is another fine video, and highlights well the man whom the DNC has handpicked (and put the fix in for) to be the (UN)Democratic nominee.

Thank you, GeekLove, for the heads up on this. GREAT work as always. Would that the media would have done its work to highlight the blatant hypocrisy of Obama, the backpedaling, the lies about his family and his parents (Selma? Really?? They met at Selma?? WOW - who IS this man that he controls time and space?!?!), the lack of legislative backbone, as well as his arrogance. Thank you for showing this man for who he is.

Once again, let me affirm - I will NEVER vote for this man. Ever. He is just another George Bush, and I have had more than enough of HIM. I sure don't want another one...

Come to think of it, he might be even worse than Bush because he PRETENDS he is a Democrat. The similarities between these two, though, are staggering. Wow - such "Uniters." (Cough, cough.) These two men, these two politicians, have done more to divide our country in the past quarter-century than any others of whom I can think. They are cut from the same cloth, Bush and Obama, no doubt in my mind.

We deserve better than this. Stand up for what is right. Stand up against vote-stealing and voter fraud. Stand up against blatant sexism. Stand up for DEMOCRACY. Just Say No Deal!!!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'll be supporting who Hillary supports and that's Sen. Obama.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

That is, of course, your choice. And honestly - what else would you expect a sitting senator to say?? Of COURSE she has to say that - she is loyal to the Party, though the way they treated her, it is FAR more than they deserve.

So, yes, fortunately, we can all choose for whom we wish to vote (though the DNC doesn't feel inclined to actually count the votes as CAST). Under NO circumstances will I vote for Obama, and that's MY choice.

Diamond Tiger said...

I am happy to note that you Reverend Amy have more than two brain cells communicating with each other - as do I. I sometimes have to wear sheep's clothing to get things done....but not this time. Puma Power & Just Say No Deal.

May I share my blogspot with you?
P.S. This is Tigger12

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Why, thank ya, Diamond Tiger! I appreciate the compliment! :-)

Thank you for your blog address - I am going to go check it out right now!