Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Clinton speech on the last primary day - Part 1

This is one classy woman. Get a cup of coffee, tea, Diet Dr. Pepper, whatever your morning drink of choice is, and listen to this woman. WOW. She is so powerful, so moving, and had me in tears last night as I watched this.

It isn't over yet, despite the media's attempts to paint it as so. Clinton has won the popular vote by a pretty fair margin, and despite it all - the immoral, unethical vote stealing by the RBC, the rigging of the entire election by the DNC, the media's CONSTANT sexist/misogynistic attacks on her, being outspent in every single contest, she has emerged with the popular vote lead. Now, that says something about HER, about her supporters, and about the country. Nothing is set until the Convention - the caucuses are not set, and the DELEGATES, including Superdelegates, are not set until the convention. That's how it works. So, even though Obama has claimed he is king of the world, and the MSM has chimed in, he isn't the nominee yet...

Clinton amazes me. I have completely fallen for her watching her through this process. Her strength, her grace, her humor, in addition to all of the policy issues, have won me over heart and soul. Her ability to stand up to the TREMENDOUS amount of sexism, and the CONSTANT denigration by the MSM, all the while continuing to connect to the people, is awe-inspiring. She DOES care about us, and we are NOT invisible to her.

So, enjoy this speech. Enjoy the passion, the warmth, the grace, the class. What a woman!

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