Thursday, June 19, 2008

Such Associates...

As noted previously, I live in SC. And my state representative is none other than James Clyburn. Yes, that James Clyburn - the turncoat who stabbed the Clintons - both of them - repeatedly in the back. His traitorous behavior began shortly before the SC primary when he jumped on the "Bill Clinton is a racist" bandwagon for highlighting that Obama's claims regarding the Iraq War were simply a "fairy tale." Clyburn, rather than getting the back of the president titled America's first black president by none other than Toni Morrison, suggested he "chill out," never ONCE acknowledging that what Bill Clinton said was TRUE!! And he just went down from there as the primary season continued, concluding with throwing his superdelegate support to Obama (now THERE was a surprise - it doesn't take a genius to see that was where he was heading. His "neutral" stance was JUST as "neutral" as Donna Brazille's, and we ALL know how THAT went...). Clyburn's support of Obama is considered quite the big deal since Clyburn is the Chair of the Black Caucus, the House Majority Whip, and is quite influential in the Congress. Hence what made his comments about Clinton all the worse, in my opinion (how DO the Clintons sleep at night with all the knives sticking out of their backs?!).

So why am I bringing up Jim Clyburn (besides the opportunity to say HE will never get my vote again, either)? Because our local paper, the Post and Courier, just had a VERY interesting story about him on Monday. Here's the title, and this should give you a big ol' clue: "Rep. Clyburn Draws Fire For Earmarks." Now, I will say that I often look at these pieces with a critical eye because FAR too often, Democrats have gotten more scrutiny on their budgetary requests than Republicans. But when I read it, I could see that maybe, just maybe, they have a point. The research was done by the Myrtle Beach Sun Times (and I'll go ahead and spare you the suspense - Clyburn's office would NOT return their calls on these matters). All statistics below come from the above-referenced Post and Courier article. For starters, Clyburn had $38.8 million in earmarks budgeted, compared to the $45.5 million in earmarks of ALL other SC elected officials COMBINED. But wait- it gets BETTER!!! Guess who were some of the beneficiaries of his budgetary largesse? Just guess! Did you guess CLOSE FAMILY MEMBERS??? If so, you WIN!! That's right!! Here we go: Clyburn got $784,000 for the design and planning of the African American Museum in Charleston. And one of the lead architects WAS? His NEPHEW!!! But, of COURSE!!!! The same one for whom he had $145,000 set aside for a community center in 2005. Yep! This one is good, and another two-fer: Clyburn set aside $990,000 for a Wellness Center in 2003, and has appropriated $229,000 for this year. Coincedentally (cough, choke), his daughter is the Marketing and Membership Director there! Next up, the South Sumter Resource Center. This year, it got $282,000. That is in addition to the $670,000 it has gotten in the past. His sister-in-law is the Housing Coordinator for the Community Development Division. How CONVENIENT!!!! Wowie zowie, no WONDER Citizens Against Government Waste once named him "Porker of the Month!" Know WHY he got that "distinction"? Because he earmarked $3 million, that is $3 MILLION, from MILITARY spending for a golf course named for him! Yes, he did. His "logic"? Military people would get good use of it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Isn't that a RIOT?!?! Military people would be using the GOLF course so instead of appropriating the money for, oh, I dunno, BULLET PROOF VESTS or something, he puts it into a GOLF course named for him!!!! Holy freakin' COW!!! So, this is the man, the backstabbing turncoat, who is one of Obama's BIG supporters!! Hmmm - seems like much of the other company Obama keeps to me.

Oh, one last thing about all of these earmarks. SC has one of the WORST educational systems in the COUNTRY. (Hey, don't look at me - I grew up in NC when public schools were still really, really good!) So, it makes PERFECT sense that money should be going to all of these family-related projects rather than toward the HORRIBLE eduactional system here. Right? Yeah. Sure. Right. So proud of my representative - not hardly. (OK, ok, I am sure these projects help some people OTHER than his immediatefamily, but really...)


Mary Ellen said...

Hi Amy! Gosh, I have so much to catch up on.

Great post! This is amazing, really amazing. I wonder what the chances are that Keith Olbermann would do a special comment on this guy?, would be my guess.

I have to agree with you on the multiple stab wounds the Clinton's have received, especially by the black community. Simply disgusting.

Oh...remember Dr.Von Monkey something or other that was hanging out around here? He just made an appearance today at another blog I go to, called YIKES! That monkey is insane! Has he been around here since I've been gone? He just informed me that he is writing a post about my "ilk" (Hillary supporters) on his blog and then after talking about his, I'm not kidding, and calling me a coward and delusional, he invited me over to read it and comment about it. That guy is very strange. I'll show you the link to this thread if you was pretty funny. I have to catch up on the posts I missed.

Did you have a great vacation? Hope so. '-)

Mary Ellen said...

Here ya go, a link to the post at YIKES!

Click here.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...


I was just saying to my partner today that I wondered when youw ere coming back! I hope you had a GOOD, restful vacation. Did you get any Maine lobster??

Our vacation was good, too, though we needed a vacation froom our vacation! :-) We were on the go A LOT down in Orlando!

Yes, that Monkey guy was just here yesterday. "Yikes" is appropriate to describe him, too...And, it is a GREAT site! Thanks for the link to it! Anywho - how bizarre those comments are from him! ANd how DARE he call YOU a coward! What the heck is THAT about, anyway?! I swear, ME - I really do wonder abt some of these people...

Oh - some news - No Quarter has started carrying some of my posts! I gotta tell you, I am STILL in shock abt it! Thrilled is what I am...

GREAT to hear from you! I look forward to hearing abt your trip!

Going over to Yikes now...

Mary Ellen said...

I'm glad you had a great vacation. I know what you mean about needing a vacation from the vacation. Unfortunately when we returned, our dog became very ill (she was with us on our trip and loves to travel). When she came home, that evening she became sick. We've already spent over $500 in tests and they can't figure out what's wrong with her. She's only five years old, and this is scaring the heck out of me!

And yes...I did get a big ol' Maine Lobster at one of the Lobster Pounds. I had so much fun there, but ate like crazy. It will take me some time to get rid of this vacation weight. If I ever get my hands on the friend who told me that the food you eat on vacations don't have calories or fat!

YIKES! is written by BAC and she is really great and her posts cover mostly gay rights issues and politics. I've been going there for awhile. Sue J. who visits at YIKES! also has a great blog. She was one of the regulars at my old blog.

Mary Ellen said...

Oh..I forgot...

CONGRATULATIONS on getting your posts put up at NO QUARTER! That's great! The reason is because you have great posts, kiddo! Haven't I been telling you that????

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME!

I am SO sorry to hear about your dog! Please keep me posted on what is happening with her. I know this has GOT to be hard on you (we lost two dogs - greyhounds, and a cat, all within ONE YEAR - from March last year to this year). I'll be thinking of you!

And thank you for the compliment! I really appreciate it! ANd yes you have - but you are kind (no matter what the Monkey guy says), so I thought it could be that! :-)

I am going to add Yikes! to my list, too. It looked really good! I'll have to check out Sue J's, to!

I hear ya abt the vacation weight...Sheesh. Doesn't help getting older, either!! :-)

So glad you are back safe and sound!