Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton on Gay Pride Month

From 6/2/08:

Statement from Hillary Clinton On Gay Pride Month
As we begin Gay Pride Month, I join the LGBT community in celebrating an historic year in which our country continues to make progress towards the fair and equal treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. Still, we have so much work to do. I look forward to working with the LGBT community to make sure that all Americans in committed relationships have equal benefits and that nothing stands in the way of loving couples who want to adopt children in need. We need to expand our federal hate crimes legislation and pass a fully-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act. And finally, we need to put an end to the failed policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Courage, honor, patriotism and sacrifice - the traits that define our men and women in uniform - have nothing to do with sexual orientation.

To each and every LGBT American, I say this: You have done so much to help this country understand your lives by simply being open and honest about who you are and living your lives with dignity. Thank you for your courage. It is time that we recognize your hard work. I know that this country is ready for changes in the law that reflect the evolution in our hearts. You deserve a government that treats you with the respect you deserve.

America deserves a President who appeals to the best in each of us, not the worst; a President who values and respects all Americans and treats all Americans equally no matter who they are or who they love. That is truly the promise of America. LINK:

She's right - we DO deserve a president who "appeals to the best in each of us," and that president would be CLINTON!!!

Rise, Hillary, RISE!!


Queers United said...

yet she still support DOMA while Obama wants to repeal it

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

That is PATENTLY false information. Stop spreading that false crap around. Clinton has done a LOT for the LGBT community. Obama? Not much. Not much at all, despite his declaration that He has done more than ANYONE else...Cough, choke. Yes, like taking Donnie McClurkin around with him, or hanging around with the anti-gay minister/senator, James Meeks, or refusing to have his photo taken with Gavin Newsome...Oh, wait - maybe he MEANT to say that he has done more to HURT the LGBT community...

Anyway, do your homework before you go spewing falsehoods around.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Just to prove a point, there is this from Gay.com (see what a simple Google search can turn up?):"As several states have legalized gay marriage or civil unions, Sen. Clinton has come to believe that the restrictions imposed by DOMA on federal government recognition of same-sex relationships are unfair."

Link: http://www.gay.com/news/article.html?coll=news_articles&sernum=2007/06/19/1&page=2

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

In all fairness, here is what Oama said to The Adovocate: "I assume you’re talking about the Defense of Marriage Act.

Obama: Absolutely, and I for a very long time have been interested in repeal of DOMA.

Do you think it’s possible to get full repeal of DOMA? As you know, Senator Clinton is only looking at repealing the plank of DOMA that prohibits the federal government from recognizing state-sanctioned unions.

Obama: I don’t know. But my commitment is to try to make sure that we are moving in the direction of full equality, and I think the federal government historically has led on civil rights -- I’d like to see us lead here too. "

See, here's the thing - this is an INCREDIBLY vague statement, as many of his are on these issues. ANd he has said in EVERY SINGLE DEBATE in which this has come up that it was a State's Rights Issue. Every time. He did not COMMIT to anything. Clinton DID.

But hey, Queers United, if vague statements and hanging out with active Homophobes doesn't bother you, that's your choice.

Clinton is mine - and will be until the Convention is over. SHE didn't just jump on the bandwagon for our community. She has BEEN with us a long time. That should count for something, and does, in my book.