Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Slack Like Me"

In yesterday's NY Times, there was an article about Obama entitled, "A Delegator, Obama Picks When to Take Reins." Just the opening photo alone is telling - he is stretched out on a sofa, talking to someone who is not in the frame. It reminds me of another photo I saw of him recently, sitting back with his feet up on the conference table. If you put a little cowboy hat on him, he reminds me of someone else, too - and I don't like THAT someone, either!!! Anywho, as the title would indicate, Obama intends to "delegate" his workload to the members of his inner circle, rewarding their loyalty to him.

Ironically, or similarly, there was a lengthy article in the NY Times Magazine about George W. Bush on January 14, 2001, entitled, "The Bush Years; C.E.O., USA." This article includes statements like, ''A good executive is one that understands how to recruit people and how to delegate,'' he said after he presented three designees in Austin right after the New Year. ''How to align authority and responsibility, how to hold people accountable for results and how to build a team of people. And that's exactly what we're going to do. This is a team of people who'll be dedicated to doing what is right for America.''

Hmmm. See, here's the thing. I have said for MONTHS that Obama is the MIRROR opposite of Bush. The above referenced NY Times articles basically make that point for me. Obama likes to "delegate," i.e., unload his work on someone else, taking the credit when it goes well, and spreading out the blame to everyone else when it goes wrong. In other words (as Bush likes to say), he accepts no personal responsibility. Oh wait - I should say, neither ONE of them accepts personal responsibility. Interesting. And by THAT I really mean, TELLING. So, lessee - they both like to delegate, and they both take other people's work as their own. I mean, really - was there ANY policy that OBAMA came up with on his very own?!?! Not of which I am aware. He would take Clinton's policy statements, sometimes changing a word or two here, most often not, and the media would claim HERS was like HIS. Say HUH?? Who said cheaters never prosper?!? Don't even get me started on the whole Florida debacle of voter disenfranchisement, but there's another big ol' similarity for you!

The author of the Obama article makes statements like, "He is personally even-keeled, but can be prickly when small things go wrong." Um, that does not sound even-keeled to me. No, rather, it just sounds a whole lot like Bush, whose temper is legendary. Obama, on more than one occasion, has demonstrated that same quick trigger, like in one of the debates where he turned on Clinton and accused her of having ties to Wal-Mart (oh, yeah - YEARS ago, and hardly surprising since it IS an Arkansas based company. But - in throwing out this accusation, Obama was also engaging a smoke screen, hiding his WIFE'S work for a company closely affiliated with Wal-Mart. And, Michelle's work was long after people began to question the hiring practices and employee treatment, unlike when Clinton was involved with them. A simple Google search bears this out.). Every single time he has been pressed, his ratchet response is anger - hardly what I would call, "even-keeled." (Perhaps the media is trying to equate his quick temper to being even-keeled the same way they equated Bush's arrogant swagger as "charm." Yeah, okay.)

I imagine, though, that for someone who claims he cannot keep up with paperwork, having someone ELSE to do it might just be helpful. I reckon that's what happened to all of the paperwork from when he was in the IL Senate - he just couldn't keep up with it, and *POOF* - it disappeared! What a shame! No paper trail for him!!! Hey, wait! Another Florida association!!! Ahem. This is the same man who says he doesn't even have a datebook for that time period. Really? What grown up with a job or family or LIFE does NOT have a datebook?!?! Since he already admitted he cannot keep up with things, it would seem to me a datebook would be MANDATORY for him. Yet, nope, no datebook for the ENTIRE time he was in the IL Senate. Huh - as I recall, there was a whole bunch of other paperwork "lost," too! Oh, RIGHT! Bush's Air National Guard paperwork!!!! Somehow, the military just happened to lose ALL of the paperwork for the son of the then Ambassador to the UN...Sure - that could happen - in about a gazillion years!!

Well, it is too bad it never occurred to Obama to at least get someone to do his SENATE work for him. But, hey - he was BUSY, okay?!?! He was CAMPAIGNING!!! And playing basketball - sure couldn't take time to debate CLINTON - he had to play some round ball with the Tar Heels (I am originally from NC, and a Tar Heel fan, but REALLY - that was just silly.). And riding his bike! Oh, Good googly moogly - the comparisons just keep rolling on! You cannot make stuff like this UP, people!!!

There is ONE big difference between them, though. Yes, and it pains me to say it, but Bush is actually FAR more experienced than Obama. There, I said it. And it is TRUE. At least Bush was the Governor of a pretty large state for a couple of terms. And owned a baseball team. That is a HECKUVA lot more than Obama can say. Who cares if Bush failed up at absolutely EVERYTHING he ever did?!?! How is that different from someone claiming he was a community organizer, when he was really registering people to vote? Or that his buddies were the ones who really put his name on things to give him credibility he neither earned nor deserved?? Emil Jones? Tony Rezko? Bill Ayers? Yep - very little difference in that regard.

I simply do not have the time to ennumerate the VAST number of lies each one of them has told - Bush to get the US into a war, and Obama on getting us out of the Iraq war, which he claimed he did not say, just for starters. Oh, here's a fun game - go find your OWN comparisons! Here are some topics: family history, policy issues, NAFTA...

What kills me is that MANY of the same people who went BALLISTIC about Bush's lack of credentials are now the same ones jumping on the Unity Unicorn. The same ones saying it doesn't matter that there is no paper trail, that Obama does very little of his own work, that he spends more time on the court than he did IN court, that he is arrogant, partonizing (I wonder if he gives nicknames, too? For instance, does HE call Axelrod "AxelRove"??), OR sexist. It doesn't bother them in the LEAST that he has an inner circle controlling the message, no, CREATING the message, and he just goes along with what they tell him (oh, until he lost PA, now he is paying a little more attention), then blames EVERYONE but himself. WHY can they not see that these two men are MIRROR IMAGES OF EACH other, slack as the day is long, riding a sense of entitlement bigger than Big Brown?? I don't get it, I surely don't. Maybe they wanted their own slacker president since Clinton worked his heart out. Maybe that whole slacker mentality appeals to all the young folk they claim as his supporters.

All I know is that these two men look a WHOLE lot alike to me.


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