Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Action Alert from Clinton Dems!

Here is another Action Alert from Clinton Dems:

Dear Clinton Dem,

As you may know, Clinton Democrats, is part of a larger coalition of millions of voters that will not support Barack Obama in the fall election.

One of the primary reasons is that we believe the DNC party and their Rules and Bylaws committee acted in bad faith against the American people in their disinfranchisement of Michigan and Florida, severely crippling our chances in November. They had an opportunity to hold revotes, and leadership could have acted to resolve this situation, thereby legitimizing the process. Instead, they chose hide behind "rules" then subsequently break them to advantage their preferred candidate, Barack Obama.

In a historically close race between two exciting candidates, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Donna Brazile and others overtly chose sides, and actively worked to drive Hillary Clinton from the race, a move unprecedented in history.

It is time to give a wakeup call to the DNC that we expect them to uphold democratic principles and listen to the voters if they expect to be a viable party in the future.

Our coalition of organizations, http://justsaynodeal.com, has put together a letter that they would like you to send to Howard Dean tonight or tomorrow morning by fax or email. Just select the text, copy and paste it into your email program or print out the MS WORD version and fax it. Remember to change your name at the bottom before sending.


He will will receive the same letter from thousands of people from all over the country within a 24 hour window. This will show him that we are serious, and ORGANIZED.

Howard Dean's email address:

Contact Howard Dean:
Phone: 202-863-8000
Fax: 202-863-8174
E-mail: HowardDean@dnc.org

Pam Hamilton
Clinton Democrats

Keep Fighting!


Kuanonymous said...

Rabble, check this out! A comment from NoQuarter comments. I believe that this is one of Obama's main strategies..A poster on another site wrote this about Obama’s latest tactics in Virginia:

“well, here’s what the Obama crowd is up to in Virginia. In cahoots with our Gov they are pushing to register ex-felons in large numbers so they can vote in Nov. The Gov is pulling people from other jobs to make sure all our thugs get registered. Obama campaign workers are carrying Restoration of Rights forms to start working with any thugs they run across. Guess they have decided there are not too many young republicans coming out of prison. Despite the many problems in our state, resources are being diverted to elect Obama. So Obama wants to hitch the criminal element to his star. Very impressive. Really smells down here, but then what should we expect.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Kuanonymous -

Wow, and HOLY COW. I have to say, at this point, I am not sure anything these people do would surprise me. Their ingenuity, though, is really something, though, isn't it?!? Yikes.

Thanks for this!

GeekLove said...

I took care of that Action Item already :-)

Welcome Back:
Here's my new video for joining Just Say No Deal. It summarizes in Obama's words many of the reasons why we cannot vote for Obama.

NO DEAL: Join The Coalition of Millions

Since the video went up Monday morning, it's had over 4,000 views. People are realizing that they are not alone. Please help spread the video.

If you post it on your site, PLEASE ask your readers to: RATE the video, post a COMMENT & mark it as a FAVORITE on YouTube, these actions will help further promote the video and perhaps reach a larger audience.

GeekLove at

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, YAY, GeekLove!! I am so glad to hear that! Heck yes, I'll post it to my blog! I was going to write something else this morning, but I would be DELIGHTED to have your video up instead!

You so OUTSTANDING work!!!