Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dixie Chicks

This song has been running in my head for days, but especially post-Obama and MSM declaring him the king of the world. Silly me - I thought we still had a Convention to go through, and caucuses are STILL meeting, people. With the Wrigt, Pflegler, Rezko, and the dvd about to explode on Michelle's Rant against Bill Clinton and "whiteys," people might have some second thoughts on the Obamessiah.

Today, prominent bloggers are already talking about what Obama has to do to win over the EIGHTEEN MILLION Clinton supporters. (Of course, he cannot be bothered with that - that's what one of his aides said today.)

The very idea that Obama could say or do ANYTHING and have the millions of women, and men who support them, completely forgive/forget how sexist he (and the DNC) have been is riduculous. Not to mention INSULTING. Whether he offers Clinton the VP slot or not does not hide the way he is treating her NOW, and how he HAS been treating her (as well as all of her supporters). This is just more of the same from him. Personally, I do NOT want her as HIS VP - she deserves much, much better than that - to be his HANDMAIDEN to "obey" him, as Chris Matthews implied last night (he actually said he wondered if she WOULD obey him if she was his VP. No, I'm NOT kidding.).

Frankly, I have worked too hard for too long helping women learn they do not have to: 1. take abuse; and 2. forgive the abuser when s/he comes back saying,"Ah, gee, SWEETIE, I'm sorry! YOU just let it go, I promise I won't be a sexist, assholic, abusive pig anymore, and everything will be okay! As long as YOU don't bring it up any more and just let it go!"

No. No way. Obama is not even the official WINNER yet and people are already wondering when the Womenfolk are gonna come around and stop being mad at our being treated like pure-t SHIT for the past 16 months. (Um, I dunno, how about NEVER??)

Why should we just swallow all of this abuse for "the sake of the Party" when the Party has FORSAKEN US???

No. No. HELL No. Not now, and for many of us, not freakin' EVER.

Until Clinton CONCEDES, she is still in this to win this. There is PLENTY of time for Obama to implode before the Convention. Yep. Believe you me, the RNC already has PLENTY planned for Obama, and it will be starting SOON.

In the meantime, stop asking, and stop EXPECTING, Clinton supporters to just come on board after all that has happened this election season. I, for one, am NOT ready to make nice!

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