Sunday, March 16, 2008

To Speaker Pelosi

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has started saying of late that the Superdelegates should go the way their delegates voted. She will be on This Week with George Stephanopoulos this morning to say the same thing. Well, this is not the role of the Superdelegates, as has been discussed ad nauseum. It is, however, one of Obama's major talking points. And it is is yet another disturbing trend from Democrats in the House. I felt compelled to write her the following letter:

Dear Speaker Pelosi:

I have supported you for some time now, and was thrilled when you became the first woman Speaker of the House. I wish I could say I still feel the same way.

The reason I say so is several fold, but two major issues rise to the fore: granting Bush immunity from impeachment when NO other president has more deserved to be impeached; and the revisionist description of the rolls of Superdelegates you are espousing. You honestly believe that caucuses, in which there has been DOCUMENTED abuse by Obama supporters, more reflects the will of the people than actual VOTES??? Senator Clinton is LEADING in votes by DEMOCRATS - it seems to me that THAT would speak volumes to you, yet you have turned a deaf ear to the actual vocies of Americans. Having an extremely small number of people in small states carry so much wieght in dictating who our nominee will be is NOT democratic. The whole caucus system should be abolished since it has PROVEN to be fraught with manipulations at best, and intimidation at worst. That is what we have seen this year.

I am shocked that you continue to tout this Obama talking point. You have clearly lost all sense of objectivity in this regard.

Because of your actions; the actions of Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. strong-arming, and threatening, members of the Black Caucus; and the betrayal of John Lewis of Hillary Clinton after a lenghty friendship because of the afore-mentioned threats, I refuse to support the DCCC. In fact, I told the gentleman who called on its behalf two days ago to take me off the list. I refuse to give money to an organization that will funnel money to people who are back-stabbing, abusive, and weak-willed. I will give my money to particular representatives, but I sure will not give my money to people who have so little regard for the will of the people.

Speaker Pelosi, you have lost my respect as a result of your unwilingness to take a stand against Bush, and for your distortion of the role of superdelegates to support one candidate. I might add, the DNC is well on its way to doing likewise. I am a lifelong Democrat, but I am not wiling to blindly follow the poor leadership I am seeing demonstrated since the Democrats regained the House. I expected more; I expect more. Until then, the Democrats are going to have to work to keep my vote.

Thank you for your kind attention.

The Rev. Amy

(I should add, Obama's talking point is that the superdelegates should vote the way of the DELEGATES, not the actual votes, in these contests. This is well documented, but here is a link for you to check it out for yourselves:

Before this primary season, Gore was the last Democrat for whom I WANTED to vote. Kerry was by no means my pick, and I felt that he, like Obama now, was the choice of the media and DNC leadership, and not so much the pick of the people. Now, we have a candidate in Obama who is receiving a tremendous amount of support from the leadership, to the extent that voters have been massively disenfranchised (let's hope Obama will agree to having re-votes in MI and FL, if not seating the original delegates from FL), and who continues to press for a revisionist position for sueprdelegates to suit his own needs. This is a candidate who is so arrogant he ASSUMES he will get votes from those of us who support his opponent, while claiming she cannot assume the same; a candidate whose WIFE has said she isn't sure she would vote for Clinton if she is the nominee. Yeah. Okay. Well, all I can say is that the Democratic Party cannot assume that they will continue to get my vote when they have acted with such poor leadership in the House, Senate, as well as in the DNC. Obama is DEFINITELY not getting my vote, should he take the nomination. He should never have taken my vote for granted. Nor should any Democrats. I have toed the party line before, voting for people for whom I did not care, and who did not represent MY best interests, but no more.

I know some people will say I am handing the White House to McCain should Obama become the nominee, to which I reply: No, I'm not. First of all, should Obama be granted the nomination, the Republicans wilL REAM him. If they were able to completely TRASH a decorated war hero, who had been in the Senate for YEARS, with a distinguished voting record, what the HECK do you think they will do with someone who has had a close relationship to the likes of Jeremiah Wright and Tony Rezko for YEARS?? A man who has missed over a THIRD of the votes in the Senate, and who started running for president from the moment he got in? A man whose record in his own state was spotty at best until a kingmaker came along to attach his name to bills to the exclusion of those who had spent YEARS on the issues? Even though the national MSM is not vetting him, the Chicago papers have - a quick search will get you to a Chicago Tribune article from last March in which Obama's friends from the exclusive prep school he attended in HI do not remember his stories from that time, stories that included them DIRECTLY, the same way. The MSM has not done its job, but I guarantee you - the Republicans sure will.

All of that is to say, my not voting for Obama will not lose us the White House, but rather the poor leadership I have described above in ordaining a candidate who has GLARING judgment problems; who has too little experience, who has more rhetoric than policy; who has attacked his opponent with lie upon lie while claiming to be above the fray; who has acted to subvert the will of the people with his strategies; and who calls for Republicans and Independents to register as Democrats for a day to vote for him in Democrat-only primaries (which he is actively doing in PA now, and has done in other states. Don't believe me? Go to his webiste to see his minute-long plea, or go here: By his actions, Obama HIMSELF lost my vote, should he become the nominee. He never should have ASSUMED he had it.

No - he does not get my vote, but Hillary Clinton will, whether she receives the nomination or not. I fully intend to vote, but I will write in Clinton's name if she is not the nominee. I will support the candidate whom I feel is the BEST to lead this country after eight DISASTROUS years of Bush, et al. And that is Clinton. Hands down.


FLSilkie said...

Dear Rev. Amy; Bravo on the letter to Speaker Pelosi. You have certainly expressed my sentiments exactly. I first saw your letter over at Taylor Marsh, and came over to check out Rabble Rouser.

I too intend to write in Hillary Clinton's name in the November election should she not secure the nomination. I hope all Hillary supporters will do the same.

I am going to get busy and start a draft on a letter to Speaker Pelosi. Just finished one up to Howard Dean at the DNC. I am from Florida and am mad as Hell! (Need I say more??)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

No - I hear ya! I'd mad as hell, too, and I've written Dean abt the whole FL and MI debacle.

What a mess they've made of the Democratic Party - Dean, Brazile, Pelosi, et. at...

Thanks for coming by and checking it out! I truly, truly hope that the voices of Floridians and Michiganders are heard loud and clear!