Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And So It Begins...

Again - the charges of racism against anyone who supports Hillary, or has the audacity to question anything about Obama. Jesse Jackson, Jr. has been at the forefront of these baseless attacks, and now Obama has joined the fray, especially in his campaigning in MS. Well, I guess it worked, since MS went for Obama, but no one thought it would be otherwise. The good news for those of us who support the candidate with more experience, with foreign AND domestic issues, who has concistently supported the LGBT community, who has worked for women and children for years, is that Clinton only got five fewer delegates than Obama. So, all of his attacks only netter him five more delegates, and a lot more resentment from some of us.

It is simply reprehensible that the Obama campaign has decided to make this campaign about race, and uses that as a way to not be fully vetted (when and if the press gets around to it - beyond Stephen Colbert and SNL).

Then there is the whole issues of FL and MI. I am more than annoyed that FL is going to re-do their vote. I think that is just ridiculous. The FL vote was completely fair and square. The OBAMA campaign does not want to count the votes of Floridians OR Michiganers, but that does NOT mean they need to re-do the FL contest. MI might be a little more understandable, but even then, Obama made a gamble, took his name off the ballot, and the gamble didn't pay off. And he is going to get another chance??? Since WHEN did we start having do-overs when the results didn't suit one of the candidates?? This gaming of the system, from the strong-arming of the caucuses to this debacle, is ridiculous. I swear, it really does sem like 2000 all over again. That scares the bejesus out of me.

Simply put, the more I learn about this man, the less I like him, and the more convinced I am that I will not waste my vote on him. Presidential, he is not. At least in my humble opinion. All I can say is I hope the Floridians and MIchiganers make their voices as plain as they did the last time...

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