Thursday, March 27, 2008

Petition To Seat MI and FL Delegates

Senator Clinton has added a petition at her site to have the delegates from MI and FL seated. Here is the link:

This is the text of the petition, just so you know:

"Millions of people in Florida and Michigan went to the polls to make their voices heard in the Democratic Presidential primary. They deserve to have their votes count.

Add your name to show your support for seating the Florida and Michigan delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August."

Senator Clinton also urged people to vote Democrat in November, no matter WHO the nominee was. She said that while there are big differences between her and Obama, they "paled in comparison" to the differences between the Democrats and John McCain (though many on the blogs are arguing whether or not Obama is even a Democrat). And that is the thing about Clinton: she is a Democrat through and through. No matter HOW the media is treating her, or leaders in the DNC, her loyalty is to the party, and to the country. Her graciousness is rather amazing, considering all of the abuse she has been taking...She is, without a doubt, a class act.

Oh, and as usual, Mr. Ditto went on ABC News last night and said ALMOST the same thing. I'm not kidding. Mr. Whatever She Said. The one who stole her Economics Stimulus package from last week, and didn't even bother to change the title even a little bit like he has in the past. I guess since the MSM has not challenged him on his cheating, plagarizing, and complete lack of poliicies, he KNOWS he can get away with this. Then he can have his hatchet people attack her, and Bill, the only two term Democratic president in 40 years, and the MSM will give HIS people the last word. I mean, really - comparing Bill Clinton to McCarthy with Obama standing there, arms folded? That was way, way beyond the pale.

So, no - while I appreciate Senator Clinton trying to hold the Democrastic Party together, Obama, along with his lapdog, the DNC, have done everything in their power to destroy this party - I cannot vote for this man. I refuse. He embodies way too much I find offensive, not the least of which is his arrogant, sexist, boorish behavior toward Clinton; his surrounding himself with sexist, homophobic, hate mongering power hungry sycophants, who will hurt whoever gets in their way, using baseless attacks to diminish and demean with reckless abandon, and seeming glee; his stealing policy positions from the most talented candidate the Democratic Party has produced in quite some time, and calling them his own; his siding with the Bush Administration too often (I mean, really - the CHENEY Energy bill???), his inexperience, and his underhanded, mudslinging, snake in the grass campainging, while claiming the high road; and his outright lies (even his books are more creative writing than non-fiction, like the one on his father? Ha - what a joke THAT is...), are just SOME of the reasons why. Nope - can't do it; won't do it. Clinton is the best candidate, the best choice this country has. Had she gotten the states she rightfully won in the first place (MI and FL), had Obama's surrogates not overrun the caucus proceedings in several states, had the MSM actually done it's frikkin' job, Obama would be a mere afterthought. So, yeah - I'll be writing Clinton's name in if the DNC continues to wreck this party, but I sure won't be voting for Obama if the DNC gets its way.

Add to that the each day new and CONSTANTLY changing story of Obama's relationship with Rev. Wright (who is moving into his $1.6 MILLION retirement home), which just makes my head SPIN - "he's my spiritual advisor!", "Gee, I had no IDEA he said those kinds of things even though I've been going for 20 years," "I'm not going to disavow him!," "well, if he hadn't retired, I would have left the church (AFTER 20 years!) - etc., etc., etc., and it just begs the question - what WON'T this guy say to get over?? Apparently, nothing. Absolutely FREAKIN' nothing. Like I keep saying - he is just another George W. Bush. Ain't no way, NO WAY, he's getting MY vote...

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