Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Contrast...

To Hillary Clinton being endorsed by a major LGBT organization, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any such endorsements for Obama. See, not only does Obama have Donnie McClurkin, the gospel singer/minister, working on his campaign (you know, the "reformed" homosexual who now preaches that homosexuality is wrong), he has another Pastor Problem: Senator Reverend James Meeks.

Yep - James Meeks, the State Senator from IL, a close, personal friend, of Barrack Obama, the man Obama went to see for a Bible Study after he was elected to the IL Senate. James Meeks could be called a character, if his speech wasn't so virulent, hateful, and prejudiced. There are all kinds of YouTube videos of Meeks going off on white people, talking about "house n******s," and pretty much the same thread as Pastor Wright. But Meeks is also homophobic to the EXTREME - he HATES gay people. Hates us.

So - when is Obama going to be called to task for all of these people who are not just associates, but long-time friends of his? William Ayers" Tony Rezko? Wright? Meeks?? Just how many chances does he GET to have relationships with people who spout vitriol, or break laws? All I can say, and you know it is coming, is that if Clinton had one - ONE - person like this in her life, the MSM would be NON-STOP attacking her for it. Non - STOP! Yet, Obama gives a speech, and now eveyrone acts lke NO ONE has EVER brought up the issue of race relations EVER!!!!! Wow. Truly astounding. Before I forget - check out to see more on Meeks. It is under "Terms of Endearment..." and is well worth it.

One last thing - to revisit this stupid Bosnia thing, in case you didn't read the WIlson piece, or anything Larry Johnson has written on this: there is no doubt that the pilots, the helicopters, the soldiers, and Clinton's personal agents, were told SOMETHING was going on when she was landing. It was a FREAKIN' WAR ZONE, after all! It makes me SICK that because she messed up the name, that her VAST experiences, and her experiences in difficult areas, are being discounted as essentially not happening at all.

Once again, the MSM has been an all-too willing partner in this illogical assumption. It is OUR responsibility to hold the Fourth Estate accountable, and we clearly need to do so. They have lost all semblance of neutrality, or even true journalism. We have suffered through almost eight years of a DISASTROUS president because of this complete and utter lack of true, professional journalism. When liberals have to turn to FOX NOISE and Joe Scarborough to get the least virulent spin on Hillary Clinton, you KNOW we are in upside down world...So - hold your media outlets accountable! Email them! Call them! Write them! Tell them their one-sided, biased coverage is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated!

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