Monday, March 17, 2008

More on Wright

The blogs are buzzing with comments on The Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, the long-time pastor, and spiritual advisor, of Barack Obama, specifically his incendiary hatemongering. Generally speaking, people feel that this is just another GLARING lapse in judgment from the man who claims to have better judgment than Hillary Clinton. And, Obama's attempt to disassociate himself from Wright has been seen as disengenious as best, and way too little too late.

Obama's attempts to distance himself from Wright rings false because Wright is the one who brought Obama to Jesus; Wright has played an active role in the lives of the Obamas; Obama has been an ACTIVE member of the TUCC by his own admission for over 20 years; he has been a huge contributor to the church; and apparently is in Wrigt's inner circle. There is NO WAY that Obama would be in the inner circle if he was not aware of the type of message Wright preaches. No way. And I can tell you, parisohoners, especially those in the inner circles, have NO QUALMS about telling a minister what s/he thinks of the sermon, both good AND bad. People do not make a $22,500 donation to a church whose message they do not support. No way. Not even close. Raising funds for general operating expenses is one of the more difficult aspects of running a church, and you do NOT get major funds from people who are not INVESTED in the church. Finally, people do not STAY in a church whose message they do not support. Not happening. But Obama has - for over 20 years. And Wright has been preaching there since 1972. I seriously, seriously doubt he just started preaching these hate sermons after 9/11. And even if it WAS that recent, Obama has stayed.

In all fairnes, the UCC has come out with a statement lauding TUCC and The Rev. Dr. Wright for all of the great work they have done in the community. I have no doubt they have done great things in the community. The president in particular had good things to say abt botht th eminister and the church. What I know is that organizations will do that to protect their own, ESPECIALLY when the minister is question has the largest UCC congregation. I'm not being cynical - at least not COMPLETELY so - but those quoted in the article are NOT people who attend the church regularly. They are people for whom the church would put on its best dress, and show off their church. So, yeah - I seriously doubt Wright was yelling out, "Black people should sing God DAMN America!" when the president of the UCC was there. Just sayin'.

Why is this important, what Obama's minister, his spiritual advisor, preaches? Because Obama has set himself up as the Great Uniter, the one who will bridge the divisions, the one who does not engage in politics as usual, the one who has great judgment from Day One. Well, his affiliation with Wright alone, never mind Rezko, would say differently...

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