Tuesday, March 18, 2008

FL, MI, and Obama's Speech

Okay - so FL has decided that there is no way for them to do a re-vote in the amount of time they would need to do it. No way. They think their delegates should stand since 1.7 million people have already come out and voted. They said the DNC needs to figure this out in their meeting in April.

There is some speculation that Obama is pushing for FL to not do anything because then Clinton cannot claim big-state momentum. Well, it seems to me that she has ALREADY won FL, so why can she NOT claim she has big-state momentum?? She DOES!!!

As for MI, Obama is dragging his feet on the re-vote, as in he doesn't really want to let the Michiganders have a voice in this year's primaries. That is not going over very well Michigan. Or in FL. But it is very telling for how Obama operates. And what it says is not very complimentary, IMHO.

I think McCain will have a field day with this, especially in FL. The ad practically writes itself in terms of having FL go for McCain. It is really disturbing.

And also disturbing is that Obama gets even MORE free air time today to try ans squelch all of the concerns over The Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright's hate speech. As I understand it, Obama is going to mention how race has come up for the past two weeks in the campaign. In other words, he is going to be attacking Clinton. Never mind that HIS campaign started the race baiting against Clinton after NEW HAMPSHIRE in which his camp claimed that he only lost because of race. Then they twisted around the FACTS that both Hillary and Bill said about MLK, LBJ, and Jesse Jackson in SC. It was OBAMA'S camp that attacked these people who have done SO much for the African American community, and now HE is bringing up race and the negative campaigning?? Spare me. Meanwhile, MSNBO has already moved on from the hate mongering of Wright - "nothing to see here, folks, just move along, move along..." Uh, no - wrong. There seems to be PLENTY to see about Obama's 20+ year relationship with Wright. And Rezko. And goddess only knows what else...

And to the first point - this man has gotten SO much free air time this election. I swear, I thought there were FCC rules about the candidates getting equal time. That sure hasn't been the case THIS primary.

So, Obama continues to want to disenfranchise FL and MI - that does not bode well for the Democratic Party and the upcoming election. The DNC seems to have lost its way under Dean's leadership, which is disconcerting. But between Dean, Brazille, and Pelosi, people have lost a lot of faith and trust in the DNC. I would be one of those people. Not only for the FL and MI debacle, but their tacit acceptance of sexism and misogyny in the race, and their seeming endorsement of one candidate over another. That sure is informing a lot of people's perspectives, and it is not good. Again, the ad for McCain practicaly writes itself over Obama and Wright, and over FL, MI, the DNC, and Obama's stand. And you know what? The DNC will have no one but itself to blame if we do lose the White House...

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