Saturday, March 1, 2008

More on LGBT Issues

After I wrote my post on Clinton, and how she has LONG been a friend to the LGBT community, I saw a very moving piece on the Ellen Degeneres Show. What? Serious matters on Ellen? Yes. And it was very serious indeed. Shocking, in fact. What made it more shocking was that this was the FIRST we had heard of this. Ellen brought up the murder of a 15 yr old boy in Oxnard, CA. Why was he murdered? Because he was gay. He was murdered by a classmate whom he had asked to be his Valentine. This was on Feb. 12th. The first we heard of this was Feb. 29th. That is telling in and of itself. Ellen spoke eloquently about the messages given by the media, entertainment, families, and communities that being gay is not okay. She said it starts with a joke in a movie, then moves to physical violence, then moves to murder when no one stands up and says it is wrong. She said, "He was not a second-class citizen, and I am not a second-class citizen. Being gay is okay."

She also said that since this is an election year, it is very important to look at the platforms of those who are running to see who it is who really stands with the LBGT community, who will work for real change, who will work for equality. There is only ONE candidate who fits that bill, and that is Hillary Clinton. Heads and shoulders, it is her.

You can see an outstanding video at the "Hillary Speaks For Me" site about why the LGBT communitt supports Hillary. Here is the link:

I might add, there is also the video of Jim Cramer, from "Mad Money," on CNBC, at that link as well.

Hillary DOES speak for me, and for many, many others. She is the one.

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