Monday, March 3, 2008

Pretty Much Sums It Up

The Vermont Woman Newspaper endorsed Clinton the other day. Their reasons for doing so pretty much sums up why Clinton is the best candidate. Here is their endorsement, from

The overwhelming power of the inspirational rhetoric and thin resume of Senator Barack Obama - versus the candidate with clearly-defined experience, deep knowledge of every complex issue facing this nation - coupled with a command of policy and solutions; the person who also has the best chance of actually working with Congress to get results... there is no question:

We believe Hillary Clinton is the best qualified candidate to become the next President of the United States.

At this time in our history, following the hideous eight years of the Bush Administration, our country is a mess. It seems everyone is upset or depressed and even frightened at the direction of our once great country. No wonder change is such a compelling point word of everyone's campaign.

Change is coming no matter who is elected.

We asked the hard question: Change... to What?

And we found that the most substantive answers have been carefully considered and articulated by Senator Hillary Clinton.

Change is needed now in our energy and environmental policies, to address the health care crisis, stem the soaring rise in oil and gas prices, the greed of corporations, the instability in the Middle East, disease and poverty in Africa... to name just a few. There is so much that must be done just to begin to right our tilting ship, and at the same time to protect our country, end the war in Iraq, and pay down our massive debt owned mostly by China, and grow our own economy.

And these issues are critical. All of them. And they will need to be addressed immediately by the next president.

The presidency of the United States is not a training ground for inspiring speechmakers. It is the most important job in the world - and our country and our children are counting on us to make the right choice.

We urge you to read Hillary Clinton's positions on all the issues that concern you on her Web site. Take the time to do this no matter who you are planning on voting for. You owe it to yourself.

We believe that experience and inspiring leadership are absolutely essential: and we believe Hillary has plenty of both.

And by the way. We think it's quite an inspiration to have the first woman ever come this close to winning the top job in the country.

There was also an excellent piece by David Ignatius in the Washington Post on Obama's thin experience:

And SPEAKING of experience, or the LACK THEREOF, the following article came out recently. The author actually likes Obama, but was very clear about HOW he got his IL Senate seat, and HOW he got his name on a bunch of bills the ONE YEAR he had a winning legislatiev agenda. The first was some dirty politics, and the second was a kingmaker. Anyway, here it is: "Barack Obama and Me,"

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