Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia; TX Caucus

Mayor Nutter is one of Clinton's endrosers, fromw ay back in December. He is a HIGHLY respected politician, and is held in high regard by his constituency. Yesterday, he did an interview on ABC News with David Muir. The interview is here: But the video is even better:

Then there is this video of a Clinton delegate in Texas being called by an Obama worker in an attempt to confuse her, and get her to switch her delegate status. Apparently, this was an activity in which the Obama camp was utilizing with impunity - calling Clinton delegates and trying to get them to switch. It is pretty entertaining, especially at the end (and also a bit distrbing - how did this person get all of this information on this woman??):

And for more on the whole caucus extravaganza in TX, there is this personal account as told at on Sat., 3/29/08:

"I live in Ft Worth, TX. The day of the election, my mother was a paid election worker by the county. She reported the Obama campaign had workers electioneering INSIDE the designated area that NO electioneering was to transpire. I called the Dem county chair to go and stop it. After he left, my mom told me that the Obama campaign was at it again. She called Voter Protection @ the Hillary hdqtrs. As I was helping at MY precinct (volunteering for the HRC campaign), I noticed the Obama voters caucusing incorrectly. As I tried to advise them of the correct methods, I was called a HOST of very bad names taking shots at my ethnicity and my sexual orientation. (Being gay and Chicano, you can probably guess what I was called).
The Obama voters were very aggressive and refused to hear how the rules worked. I told them that they were going to have to caucus again today (Mar 29). They summarily said I was full of crap.

It doesn't surprise me that there will be a shortage of Obama supporters in some locales. I would tell them, "Look, we're all Democrats, yes I may be with Hillary's campaign but I don't mind information sharing."

After the name calling I received and the names that these voters called Hillary, those actions forever turned me off to Obama. His supporters were rude and cussed anyone out who tried to help them.

This happened at Precincts 1126 and 1311 in Tarrant County, @ the Unitarian Church on Sandy Lane. I filed a complaint with our local election board as how the Obama precinct captain handled all this."

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