Friday, March 14, 2008

More on MI and FL

OK. So the blogs are alive with discussions on MI and FL. There has been some contention that Clinton has not pushed hard enough for re-votes since Obama is not playing, or that there should be a 50-50 split - a concept clearly coming from the Obama camp. Clinton and her surrogates have been talking about re-votes, and the importance of 2.2 million Americans having their voices heard. I do not know how she can be any clearer. If Obama flat out refuses to engage in this process, how is she to proceed given that Dean has already said that campaigns have the right to veto?? Honestly, I just do not know how much more she can really do than talk about it every chance she gets, which she seems to be doing, and have her surrogates talk about it every chance they get, which they seem to be doing.

All of that being said, I do NOT think there should be a re-vote in FL, or in EITHER state, and DEFINITELY not to give the nomination away to Obama with this foolish, insulting 50-50 concept, which is ludicrous on its face.

Obama screwed up in MI - he should have to live with that. MI voted, and not for him. The polls showed Clinton leading him all along in MI. FL voted, and not for him. Why he thinks he is ENTITLED to additional delegates is beyond me. Seat them. The way they voted. He should NOT be getting any do-overs. And if the DNC cannot get their act together to really deal with this, they need to let the votes STAND. The people voted, and they want their votes COUNTED!

WHAT has happened in this country??? Since when do we give the candidates we really want "do-overs" when states don't go their way?? Which states does CLINTON get to demand a 50-50 split?? And can you just IMAGINE what people would be saying about her if she even HINTED that there should be a "do-over," say in a CAUCUS state in which Obama's people had strong-armed her supporters? The media would have a FIELD day with that! Yet in previously considered reputable magazines like TIME, you have someone suggesting a 50-50 split in Michigan. It is just insanity. Ethics have just flown out the window. Fair play has flown out the window. I would love to think this is whole "win at all and any cost" mentality has only been present as recently as 2000, but I have to acknowledge it has gone on much longer than that. But not at a national level, at least I like to think not. Wow. It is truly stunning.

Once again - there should be no re-votes in FL and MI. Obama took his name off the ballot in MI, and had his supporters work FURIOUSLY to have people vote "Uncomitted." He still didn't come close to Clinton. Tough luck. Stupid strategy. Live with it. And FL - Clinton won fair and square. Actually, she won with OBAMA campaigning in FL against their Pledge Agreement. So, she did pretty darn well. Tough luck for Obama - he lost. Seat the damn delegates already. For the DNC to do anything else is to clearly game the nomination. I, for one, will not stand for that. Period. (And the Pledge is on a former post. It debunks the claim of many Obamabots that Clinton has violated the Pledge by leaving her name on the ballot in MI. She did not.)

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