Monday, March 31, 2008

Not What I Had Planned to Write...

Today. I planned to write something positive about Hillary Clinton - her grace under fire, her courage, her continued passion to serve her country - and I will get to that. But first, it has come to my attention that the mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, has been under seige by angry Obama supporters because he supports Clinton. This, in conjuntion with the horrible events over the weekend in Texas, some illegal, of Obama supporters against Clinton supporters in the caucus process, not to mention the booing of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a woman who has served her constituency well for many, many years, as she faced the convention, are just infuriating...Why was Rep Jackson booed when she took the stage? Because she is African American, and she supports Clinton.

This has all gotten way, way out of hand. Something most DEFINITELY needs to be done, and SOON (Hello? Dr. Dean?? Senator Obama??? Hello? Anyone out there?? How about a little leadership? Oh, wait - what am I thinking? They'll do anything to destroy Clinton...) But for now, I would like to urge you to write Mayor Michael Nutter to lend him your support as he goes through these vicious attacks for supporting THE most qualified candidate. He needs to know that we are behind him as he weathers this storm. His address is:

Now for some good news - Clinton is leading Obama almost 2 -1 in KY in the polls. I just love that Bluegrass State, and not just becaues my favorite sister-in-law is from there! (Oh - and her dad is a State Representative, Democrat - cool, huh?) Let's hope THAT momentum continues!

More good news: Elizabeth Edwards said that she favors Clinton's health insurance plan! Yippee! I LOVE Elizabeth Edwards, and have a LOT of respect for her. So, this means something to me. This, along with the article in yesterday's New York Magazine about the Edwards is all very interesting, especially the timing. In the article, it detailed how Elizabeth warmed up to Hillary, and how Obama came off as being arrogant and aloof. Even worse, he fought with Elizabeth about his health care plan - fought with her about it! Well, there's a winning strategy - not. Fight with the wife of the man whose endorsement you are seeking. Ahem. Anyway, I have a good feeling about this. Is an endorsement for HILLARY forthcoming?? One can hope - maybe before the NC primary. Here is the link to the article in which Elizabeth makes this statement:,1,6541075.story

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