Saturday, March 1, 2008

Letter To the NY Times

It would Be Funny If...

It wasn't so important. In an article on meida bias, "On The Press Bus, Some Questions Over Favoritism," Jacques Steinberg demonstrates just one more example of press bias against Senator Clinton. The irony, the irony. He asserts that Senator Clinton wrote a letter to MSNBC to have a reporter fired who, essentially, called her a pimp, and her daughter a whore. The only problem is, THERE IS NO SUCH LETTER!!!!! It doesn't exist! It is a rumor! I am sending this both to the Letters Department and the CORRECTIONS Department so you can attempt to fix this, though the damage is already done.

Gee - this reminds me of how the NY Times treated Al Gore, like around the Love Canal story, for instance. You print the falsehood that he claimed to have something to do with it, and even when you print the correction, demanded by the students who brought the story to Al Gore, you continue to repeat the falsehood in every article after that. Nice.

I am just left shaking my head at what passes for journalism these days, both in print and on tv. I cannot even watch MSNBC or CNN any more given their incredibly unprofessional coverage of this election. The NY Times was one source to which I turned, but if this is the kind of shoddy reporting that makes it past the editors these days, I seem to need a more reliable, professional news source, one that actually employs TRUE journalistic ethics, which means HAVING ACCURATE FACTS ON WHICH A STORY IS BASED.

Pathetic. Just Pathetic.

The Rev. Amy

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