Friday, March 28, 2008

Response To DNC Fund-Raising Letter

Dear Dr. Dean and the DNC:

You have GOT to be kidding me. You have GOT to be kidding that you are asking me for money after the way you and Donna Brazille have acted during this primary season. After you and Brazille made clear you are endorsing a less qualified candidate (whose ONLY legislative claims came as a result of others' hard work with his name slapped on it by Kingmaker Emil Jones), an arrogant, sexist, homophobic, cheating (can he come up with ONE policy of his own without copying Clinton's??), incredibly prejudiced (have you SEEN his pastor's sermons?? But hey - what do I know - I'm just "a typical white person.") liar whose surrogates have trashed, lied, and demeaned not only a great candidate, but a great president; whose surrogates have made a laughing stock of the caucus system by locking out the supporters of the other candidate, who have intimidated, threatened, and run off supporters to ensure their candidate's success with NOT SO MUCH AS A WORD FROM THE DNC ABOUT THEIR TACTICS, over a MUCH more experienced candidate who actually KNOWS policy, who actually HAS worked to help those less fortunate than her, who actually HAS worked to help our men and women in uniform, who has a long-standing record of standing with those who are most often disenfranchised? After participating in, and endorsing, the most sexist, even misogynistic, rhetoric I have seen on a national level, by a Party that claims to support everyone? After allowing, and participating in, the most BIASED and one sided media coverage I have seen since Bush 2000? AFTER DISENFRANCHISING OVER 2.2 MILLION DEMOCRATS IN THIS PRIMARY SEASON IN AN EFFORT TO PUSH YOUR CANDIDATE ON US, like BUSH WAS PUSHED ON THIS COUNTY???

I was so proud and happy when you took over the DNC, and now I can scarcely believe what you have done with my Party. You and Donna Brazille have trashed it - have made it a MOCKERY - have forsaken MILLIONS of Democrats - AND WOMEN - all to push the empty vacuous, say anything to get over, suit who is the least qualified candidate besides George W. Bush to run in MY lifetime (and I am almost 50) over one of the MOST qualified candidates in my lifetime. What you and Brazille have done during this campaign is simply reprehensible. So, no - not just no, but HELL NO - I will not support the DNC at this time.

Dr. Dean, you and Donna Brazille have not just lost my donations, you have lost the respect of a lifelong Democrat. It will be a long, long time before that respect can be regained, if ever.

The Rev. Amy

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