Friday, March 14, 2008

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright

I saw a video clip yesterday of the man who has been Obama's minister for over 20 years (he has retired recently given his support of Louis Farrakhan, but it is way too little way too late). I was shocked and appalled by what I saw as a minister, as a woman, and as an American. Not only was this man spouting sher and utter nonsense ("Jesus was a BLACK MAN!" Um, NO - he was a JEWISH man!), but his prejudiced vitriolic attacks on Hillary Clinton and white people in general was beyond the pale (ahem!). I have always had respect for the UCC (we UUs call it "Unitarians Considering Christ"), have friends who are UCC ministers, and know that they have rigorous academic standards, so I cannot understand how this man gets off preaching his ill-founded, ignorant, uninformed prejudiced rantings. It is truly shocking. And it is no wonder the IRS is investigating this church for violating its tax-exempt status. (I just saw on that she has more information on this whole issue, particularly Obama's relationship with Wright.)

I might add, as others have, if CLINTON'S minister was spewing the kind of rhetoric against ANY group of people the way Wright was, she would be drummed out of this process tout suite, but since it is The Annointed One, he can just dismiss his rantings as a disagreement with a "family" member. Yeah. Okay> A family member who preached a sermon the title to which he used for your book ("The Audacity to Hope"), whose church he has attended for over 20 years, and who would be his minister STILL had it not been for those unfortunate Farrakhan connections.

But hey - don't take my word for it. Watch this video yourselves:

And then you can check out this one, if you want, an ABC News report on Wright and his connection to Obama, a church Obama does not think of as "patricularly controversial":

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