Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Voter From Florida Responds...

My cousin, Ellen, sent me the following email from a friend of hers, Nu, in response to my blog. I gladly reprint it here:

Thanks-- I read her blog just now and I agree with her. I am supporting Hillary and proudly cast my vote for her yesterday! Of course I hope my vote counts-- I have been angry about the republican dominated legistlature that voted for early primary and caused this concern-- One person wrote a letter to the editor of the St Pete Times that said we should not ALLOW the DNC to make this decision and that we should go to the convention and DEMAND that our votes be counted! SO it should be interesting.

I was glad that Hillary did come to Florida last night to thank us. I am annoyed that Obama dissed us. Someone said (TV?) that he didn't campaign here so no wonder why he didn't win. BUT he did campain here via the ads on cable TV (annoying-all great me no substance). Obama has been getting a free ride from the press INMHO-- and this blogger mirrored my perceptions that he is not addressing the change-- but he is an inspiring speaker. I guess we should ask what change? Everyone is talking about change but what is it? Is it the perceptions of the listener? Remember the old Twilight Zone episode when the spacemen landed and brought us all hope. They gave us a book called "To Serve Man"and we all whooped and hollered and were so excited so then... they were all invited to the mother planet. Just as the main character boarded the ship, his friend the translator shouted out-- WAIT! IT IS A COOKBOOK! So when we hear change and get all excited about it-what kind of change would it be?

Well I am rambling too---What an intersting campaign-- It is a first so the Democrats will nominate either the first woman or the first Black (although he is really Bi-racial and has a half-sister who is Asian\Caucassian). How exciting!

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