Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pressure on Edwards?

OK - so once again, without any thought to using FACTS, the pundits are at it again about to whom Edwards will through his support. David Gergen pontificated that it would most likely be Obama, as did others. Well, the actual responses from a poll of Edwards supporters went more for Clinton (40%), then Obama (25%), and the rest undecided. These media people are just so willing to throw any and all support to Obama with NO reasoning whatsoever. What the heck already?? I might add, and had an "Obama's statement to Edwards" link, with NOTHING from Clinton. She DID make one - it was read on tv, but good freakin' luck trying to find it now!!

I have noticed more of a backlash in comments to these stories, though. People are getting sick and tired of the media piling on Clinton (even the ONE headline about her winning Florida by a LOT was, "Hillary Trumpets Victory." Excuse me?? "Trumpets"??? And if OBAMA had won, would they have used the same word? As they say on Scrubs, "Hell to the no!"), and think this whole media darling blathering will backfire for him.

All I can say is I HOPE Edwards does through his support to Clinton. She DOES have a proven track record on the issues most important to Edwards. Until then, I'll have to keep sifting through all of the "All Hail, Obama!" of the mainstream media to catch any little crumb of information on Clinton.

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