Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Note to John Kerry

Dear Senator Kerry:

I was SHOCKED by you comments this morning regarding the primary in FL not being a "legitimate race." EXCUSE ME?? Are you SO blinded by the limelight of Obama that you are willing to disenfranchise the VOTES of 1.5 MILLION Democrats?? How dare you, sir! How DARE you denigrate their RIGHT as AMERICANS to cast their votes for the presidential candidate! I have NO doubt that had your candidate won, rather than losing by a LANDSLIDE, you would be singing a different tune.

And by the way, despite yours and other Obama supporters unwillingness to acknowledge the truth, OBAMA violated the pledge by running tv and radio ads IN Florida! He CAMPAIGNED there, and STILL lost by a landslide!!

Finally, for you to castigate Senator Clinton for thanking her supporters AFTER the polls closed is reprehensible.

I have lost ALL respect for you. You have lost ALL objectivity

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