Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Letters to MSNBC

Okay, I have written a couple to CNN, too, basically saying the same thing. I guess I am more disappointed in MSNBC because I had been a faithful Keith Olbermann watcher, and had given up on CNN long ago. Anyway, here they are:

1/28/08: Dear MSNBC:

I keep seeing the same story about Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama. Yes, it is a big deal, but WHERE is your mention of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and her two siblings endorsing Clinton? NOT all of the Kennedys are endorsing Obama! (Or even a mention of Bill Nelson of FL endorsing Clinton, for that matter?)

This biased reporting of HEAVILY favoring one candidate over another is NOT YOUR JOB!! It is the VOTER's job to decide which candidate we support, after getting the necessary information from the media. It is HIGH past time for the media to DO ITS JOB, actually look into each candidate's RECORD, as well as their positions, and stop cherry picking what information we get. YOU are supposed to report; WE are supposed to decide!

This particular news source has been one of the most flagrantly biased sources in terms of presidential candidates. Just yesterday alone on MSNBC (tv) with Joe Scarborough and Margaret Carlsson attacking Hillary Clinton for not calling Obama after his SC win is just one example of the NUMEROUS attacks launched on her by your hosts and contributors. Enough already! Just so you know, I have been a faithful viewer of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and occasional viewer of Dan Abrams. I want to continue to do so, but I am tired of the media deciding who should be our candidate!

Thank you for your kind consideration of my concerns.

The Rev. Amy

1/29/08: Dear MSNBC:

Once again, your coverage is "All Obama, All the Time". WHERE is the coverage of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Robert Kennedy, Jr., and Kerry Kennedy's endorsement of Clinton? Where is the coverage of Maxine Waters endorsement of Clinton? Your incredibly biased coverage is reprehensible. You are supposed to report the news ACCURATELY (there were some major problems there, especially when you covered Bill Clinton in SC - cuting out important parts of the video is just wrong), and allow the VOTERS to decide. It is NOT YOUR JOB to determine who our nominee is. HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM THE BUSH DEBACLE of 2000???

I might add - if Clinton had gotten TED'S endorsment, all of your pundits would be saying how clear it is that she is part of the entrenched Washington climate, or just the endorsement of one dynasty for another, or something comparable. But since it is OBAMA, they are spinning it like it is the greatest thing EVER!! Why don't you try actually looking at the SUBSTANCE of what Obama says? Or his VOTING record in IL and the Senate?? Isn't that what you are SUPPOSED to be doing as a NEWS source???

All I am asking for is NEUTRAL, comparable coverage for all of the candidates. Think you can do that???

The Rev. Amy

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